More Praying

I think we should pray more, and more boldly, in greater faith.

Excuse, please.  I think *I* should pray more, I think I should pray more boldly, and I think I should have greater faith when I pray.  I think I should pray in the kind of scriptural faith that thanks the Lord for the answer to the prayer before I say “Amen”.

Sometimes I do pray like this – and when I do, it grows my faith.  When I listen for the answers, listen for the Restrainer when He doesn’t want me to ask, and pour out my heart.  Honesty in prayer.

You know, it’s totally possible to *both* pray, “Thy will be done” *and* ask for whatever it is that you want?  Just because I really want something doesn’t mean I should have it – it is possible for me to want *more* to please God, want *more* to be in His will for my life, than it is to want whatever it is that I’m asking for.

But if I don’t ask, then I’m lying to God.

Yeah, I said it.  Not asking for something that is seriously on your heart, not bringing it before God is A) totally unscriptural and b) lying by omission.

Maybe you’ve asked for whatever it is a lot, and it’s not shown up yet.  You could say, “God what do You want me to learn?  Is it patience?  Are you growing my faith?  Should I be learning contentment in my situation?”  Maybe you’ve just asked for something that is out of His will for you.

I think we should ask Him why more often.  Not like whiny little kids, but like grown adults.  “Lord and Master, why have you chosen this for me?  Will you teach me the lesson You have for me in this hour?  Will you please guide me to glorify You?”

From what I see – from what goes on in my own, Christian since ever heart – I think we are very weird and unreal about prayer.  God’s real.  He’s not a force, He’s a person.  He’s our Lord and Master and Creator, but He’s a personality, and He loves us.  Can’t we combine respect with honesty?  He’s good, all through – He’s not going to get His nose out of joint because we were honest with Him, especially since He knows everything already.

And I think He wants us to stand up and act like adults, act like His children.  Ask for what we will, don’t stress about what He chooses to do, and get on with it.

For a start, I have any number of friends that I need to drag up in front of the Throne for conversion….. not that I haven’t before, but I don’t figure that’s something He minds being asked twice about.  Somehow.

Boldness in prayer leads to faith.  Pray more, pray more honestly, and get more real.

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