Unrelated Comments: For other blogreaders

Feel free to put your comments to random stuff here.  I have a few friends who have difficulty posting comments on BlogSpot, so this is where to leave comments about my other blog.  You can leave me personal comments about TC here too, I guess…

Anyway.  Always the same policy.  Be mean? Find Mr. Delete Key.  Spam?  Same.

8 thoughts on “Unrelated Comments: For other blogreaders

  1. Renata

    Hearthie- I feel like your blog post on your other site was for me. Thank you- it is like you read my mind. Hope in a bottle. Despite knowing that my husband is not going to throw me away just because my beauty has faded, I am scared of becoming irrelevant or valueless. Hearing about wife goggles was one of the nicest things ever- a return on investment that pays well into ones crone years. It is somewhat terrifying otherwise. I know that what is important is what you give, what you do, who you are (fruits of the Spirit radiating outward), but what you look like is given unholy power. And young women with their immodesty never seem to think about showing love towards older women by not flaunting themselves all over the place. It is painful to watch young women try to steal your husband’s visual attention just because they can.

    When I stand before God and he asks what I did with the talents he gave (husband, beauty, children, etc) I yearn to hear “well done”. That the power God gave me through beauty was not misused, that the persons he gave into my care were brought good and not evil, that I attracted those around me towards the kingdom, and not away from it.

    That link, Sis, is something. I loved seeing them change. And it also acts as a warning that facial expressions really do freeze onto your face. Some of the sisters looked so sad.

    Hearthie, you are right about the pouring acid on your face. I did that for a while, but think it may just be pulling beauty forward. But that is only based on my face looking better for about a week, and then far far worse after the effect wears off. YMMV.

    1. hearthie Post author

      ((hugs)) If what I wrote spoke to you, I’m very happy, because it’s God doing the talking. 🙂

      You said something more true here than perhaps you realize, ‘but what you look like is given unholy power.” YES. Unholy indeed. Sure we should look nice – but 1 Peter 3.. our adorning is to be a meek and quiet spirit.

      How does it serve God, how does it bring glory to Him, if we are so self-focused, always thinking about our physical flaws? Oh, make a beauty regime, a fitness regime, think it through – but then be done. Adorn yourself. And then be done. Otherwise we feed into the fear of man… and I’m getting so ranty with this that I may have to blog it out. 🙂 Thank you for that!

      1. Renata

        “if we are so self-focused, always thinking about our physical flaws” – this is something my husband has been saying. Narcissism is not only found in the bright young things. You have given me a lot to think about- thank you.

  2. Renata

    Hearthie, The second picture of the grandma got me thinking… I never really cared about how beautiful my mother or grandmothers were. How warm and inviting, how good their food was, how kindly their advice (always advising…lol), how giving, how dignified they looked… those things mattered to me. Beauty? I never evaluated them that way. I wonder if this is the same way our husbands see us (with an added dose of attraction, but still without evaluation or comparison). Dignity in the elderly did always make an impression- more so in its absence.

    1. hearthie Post author

      Did you ever meet an elder (male or female) who had walked so long with the Lord that they glowed – like, you could *almost* see the light ’round them? That’s what I want.

      Beauty is *not* only skin-deep.

      1. Renata

        I know exactly what you are talking about- my best friend’s grandma was like that. I could almost feel the love flowing out of that woman.

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