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Beauty as a radical act

Nature is beautiful, because Nature reflects her Creator.  What is ugliness in Nature is the result of entropy – the result of the Curse.   Even so, there is often beauty to be found.

The works of human hands, however, are not so often beautiful.  As we are given the choice to serve God or ourselves, likewise we are given the choice to create beauty or its opposite.   And the further we drift from God, the more often we choose to ignore beauty in our creativity.

Our cities, our freeways, our cubicles – they’re not beautiful.

But our eyes, as children of God, were created to receive beauty.

So, this is a problem.   What do humans do with this problem?  They insulate themselves, and concentrate on that which they feel they can control.  They overemphasize entertainment, seeking to fill the hole that beauty has left.  They follow celebrities, confusing plasticine prettiness with true beauty.  They run from the presence of God and hide their eyes in blue-glowing screens.   They ignore themselves, they ignore the cement, they ignore the incessant noise… because they have no trees, they have no birdsong.

Beauty then, can be a radical act.   Showing up in someone’s daily life and being beautiful, drawing attention to the Creator, that simple act can crack a paradigm.  If she can be beautiful, does that mean that I should be beautiful too?  A smile can make a day.

I’m not talking about beauty that mimics the plasticine prettiness of those celebs, by the way – I’m talking about the real deal.  I’m talking about embracing the individual nature of your face, your form, the way you were created, and going with that.  I’m talking about beauty that’s more than skin deep – the way you interact with every human you see, the way you smile, the way you pray.

I’m talking about coming out of the closet and BEING beautiful where people can see you.  Being vulnerably yourself, so that you’re not another person hiding behind layers of insulation, layers of anonymity.  Becoming radical, pursuing change – those are not safe acts, they take courage.   Being beautiful takes courage.   It takes thought.  It takes creativity.  It takes joy.

And having taken those things, it gives them to the viewer… and who knows what happens from there?

Maybe we can start breaking walls.


(Pic courtesy google – artist unknown)

Verse for the day

Ecclesiastes 3:11 

He has made everything beautiful in its time.

Also He has put eternity in their hearts, except that no one can find out the work that God does from beginning to end.  


Be still, and know that I am God.  See what I will do.