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Witness: God’s Got This

I feel like I should witness for this week, because the “God’s Got This” groove has gone beyond the normal… God has had every moment of the past couple of weeks, as crazy as they’ve been.  A week ago, I was looking forward to DH’s bday party and our anniversary, for which I had already made a lovely dirndl but needed a blouse… which I hadn’t set a stitch in.   11yo had a bday party to attend sometime the 17th or 18th, but I hadn’t gotten an invite yet, 14yo wanted to have a sleepover/hangout day with one of his friends who moved away and was here for a few weeks, but leaving next week.  My presents for DH hadn’t arrived in the mail yet, and I was going to have houseguests that I’d only met in passing, years back, plus a family party.  (Or two).  The kids have daily swimming lessons, and there’s all the usual life stuff.  You *could* say that I had cause to be running in circles, absolutely stressed out of my mind. But apparently God didn’t see fit for me to feel like that……

Friday last (10th) one of my old HS friends messaged me on FB, asking if I was planning to hit the reunion that night or the next day.  I wasn’t, I never go – though I live in my hometown – but for her?  Sure.  Kind of hoped that DH would be down to go with, but he hates reunions more than I do.  So I got the bump to collect BFF, who was feeling down with chemo, and we had a nice time acting exactly like we did in HS… standing on the edges and wandering off after the music got too loud.  Worked out for her – she’d have otherwise gone out with her hubs and stayed out too late, an hour was perfect.

Saturday we did yard work and skated into church at the last possible second… but we got there.

Sunday we had DH’s cousin and son in town, and we’d planned a BBQ for the family here in town.  Cousin showed up early, we had a chance to chat before everyone got here, we had a great dinner with family and there was much laughter.  They slept over, left Monday AM.

Monday I managed to get the kids to their swimming lessons and get the errands done.. which was a good thing, because I wasn’t able to leave the house on Tuesday.   (So on Tuesday I sewed…)  Presents showed up.  Woot!  Wrapped presents since I couldn’t leave house.

Wednesday I acquired an extra teenager for 36 hours.  Again, I wasn’t going to trot around and do errands with extra children languishing in my care, so I stayed home… although I had a pile of things to get done before this weekend.  But yay, I had food in stash for all of us on Thurs night, and then DH came home super late on Thursday, bringing MORE food home, enough that we fed the teenager’s dad dinner too when he came to pick up the boy.  (Meanwhile, 11yo’s BFF’s mom texted me with details about the party – never did get that invite).

Friday DH was off… so we stayed in bed late as usual and took the kids to swim, then had a nice family lunch and all those errands got -poof- done.  Grocery store, shopping for bday presents for 11yo’s BFF and DH, oil change and pedicure… in less than four hours all told.   Didn’t think I was going to get feet suitable for the pretty shoes I want to wear next week, but there’s a nail place across from the jiffylube…

Saturday was DH’s actual bday, but we moved the party to Sunday because 11yo’s BFF’s blowout was yday.  Still – every little detail perfect.  Like, I only needed buttons for my blouse, everything else was in stash (!) so after dropping 11yo off, I drove back home along the same road, picked up buttons, took a brief detour to grab some special beer for DH (and that brewery – gotta take DH there, he’s going to love it), the blouse finished off perfectly… seriously every detail.  Even washing the extra dishes by hand at 1030 at night because I didn’t want to face them this morning (and got nudged) and then this morning I’ve baked a carrot cake, made breakfast, have dinner in the crockpot, and the only things left to do for DH’s bday are some minor housecleaning, taking a shower (post housecleaning) and frosting the cake.




has been taken care of.  When I wanted soooooooooooo badly to run around and scream into the night and be stressed about stuff because I couldn’t run my errands early or do stuff because I had people in the house or couldn’t go out or … and then it’s all gotten done and all gotten taken care of and all I’ve done the whole week (10 days?  Two weeks?) is answer the nudges… and you know there’s a LOT more detail.  It’s like every minute of my day has been planned for this whole time.

I’m gobsmacked.  I’m grateful.  I’m incredibly appreciative of God’s provision.  And I’m learning how to be more trusting of Him and His ways.

So – there’s your witness.  You call this everyday life?  I call this chaos, controlled only by the Father.

And now, off to scrub the bathroom down a bit.  🙂

Keoni and Dr. McGee

Weirdest title ever, I know.  😉  We could just call it late-night musings.  Y’all could talk to me… we could have a conversation?

Listening to Thru the Bible this week, Dr. McGee is going through his introduction to the book of Micah.  He talked about how there is a point at which nations have a no-turning back moment, a moment when, not because God lacks grace, but because the nation lacks the will to climb back into the Lord’s hands.  (Today is 7/17/15*

Serendipitously, Keoni’s latest blog post is about America jumping the shark.  And that’s how I’ve been feeling … like this latest thing is just the straw on the camel’s back.  I mean, nothing is surprising me now.  Planned Parenthood selling baby parts?  Eh.  They hook pimps up and ignore child molesters already… Trans folks okay in the military (has anyone thought about how they’ll figure out the fitness qualifiers)?  Just another day in the neighborhood.

God’s just not *wanted* around these parts, and that’s darn clear.   One day I feel like “popcorn!  What’s next?  What could *possibly* be next?” and the next day I’m mourning, wanting a pile of ashes and some torn clothes so that I can sit and weep over what’s been lost.

I know I’ve been watching the skies and heavily into eschatology for years now, am I just crying Chicken Little once again?  (FWIW I am, at this point, looking for the demonization and marginalization of committed Christians before I am betting on the Trumpet’s sound.  Of course I have no clue and don’t claim to.  After all my time and study, I agree with my hubs.   LOL that happens to me a lot!).

I’m a pre-tribber, and y’all know that by now.   I’ve got work to do every day God gives me on this earth.  But I’m wondering if those days are getting short… one way or t’other?

Oh well, if there’s one lesson God is pounding home to me in this season, it’s that He’s got this!  Whatever comes, I can trust in Him for everything, big and small.

*Y’all know that Dr. McGee has been with the Lord since before I got out of high school, hopefully.  Serendipity.