God is not a means to an end

God is not a tool we use to get what we want from life.  Godliness is not a tool we use to get what we want from life.   While He will sometimes allow those in training wheels to get by with this way of thinking, I don’t think that the mature believer gets to get away with this.

Now, obviously doing things God’s way = doing them the right way, and doing things the right way is more likely to yield a positive result.  But sometimes we can twist things so that we’re using God to get things, and if you think about that a sec, you realize that that makes the *things* your gods…

But God’s the only god that there really is, and He describes Himself as jealous…..

Sometimes you end up at the end of the alley, weeping and moaning that “you’ve done everything right” and “you still aren’t getting what you want” and God stares you right in the face and says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness…” and you realize that you never *were* seeking Him, you were using Him.  There’s a mirror moment for you.  An ugly one.

Anyone who thinks that God says we are promised temporal happiness and sparkles hasn’t read any of the epistles of Peter.  Just sayin’.  Not that a good and loving Father doesn’t love giving good gifts to His children, but that love is a costly love and He won’t let us walk around settling for sparkles when we could have gotten closer to *Him*.

I’ve been down the end of this alley with the most precious thing in my life, but there’s some other stuff I’ve been rubbing up against, and … dang if God’s not staring me down.  Is this process about being a better servant to Him and bringing Him glory, or is about bringing me glory?  Is it about making God look good – or me?


You know, we’re humans and we are constantly creating new desires, new things to want more than we want God.  It’s shameful, but it’s true.  That’s why the process of confession and renewing our minds is a continual one.  We never arrive – not in this life!  It’s not “okay”, but it happens.

And when you turn up a stone while plowing the field – you deal with the stone.

I think, once I am not sick any longer, that I have some stones to bring up and have some solid – and very unpleasant – chats to my Lord about.


God is NOT an means to an end, and no matter how we try to make Him fit in a box, He created the world and He doesn’t fit in the universe as a whole – much less our little boxes.  GOD is the end.  He is the point.  God.

It’s not all about me.

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