Monthly Archives: August 2020

PSA: Buy some nonperishables

This is the thinking you need to do.  Start by reading the news, and perusing your social media feed.  If you don’t have one, borrow someone else’s.

  1.  If Trump wins, what happens?
  2.  If Trump loses, what happens?
  3.  If they delay the elections because …, what happens?
  4.  If they DON’T delay the elections despite …, what happens?
  5.  If they use mail in ballots, what happens?
  6.  If they don’t use mail in ballots, what happens?

I haven’t come up with a mental scenario yet where there isn’t a strong likelihood of humans acting like toddlers.  Dangerous toddlers.

Take appropriate action.   If you haven’t, which is unlikely for the readers I get here.  But I’ll rest a little easier tonight if I write this.   So.

Buy some darn beans and rice.  Worst case?   You eat a bit more soup this winter and the food bank gets a nice donation come March.