Come to church with me

If you’d like to know what those crazy Arminian Jesus Freaks with the electric guitars are getting up to, we simul-cast our services. Or if you just missed church this week for some reason. Or if you’re bored. (church website)

5:55pm Saturday (Pacific Time)
9:00am Sunday (Pacific Time)
11:00am Sunday (Pacific Time)

Personally I find the music translates very poorly over the computer speakers, so I’d skip the singing, which means all the services start about half an hour after the official start time.  If you like, you can also watch older sermons.

Links.  (live stream –  watch @ 630/930/1130 for just sermon stuff – Pacific time)

if you miss it, wait a couple of days, and find the archived sermons here.  All the archived sermons.

You can look up the statement of belief as well, and the pastors’ bios, etc.  You’d be amazed how much research you can do on the net these days.

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