Monthly Archives: February 2019

It’s not always about you

I need to spend some time contemplating the bits of wisdom that have floated my way of late, really digest them and put them into my life.   But step one is to write them down and muse a bit so I don’t lose them.   Please feel free to chat about this stuff, it helps me think.

It’s not always about you.

Yes, circumstances in your life are very frequently used to discipline you away from entrenched sin or prepare/equip you for greater service.  It is wisdom to examine what’s going on carefully so that you can get adjusted if necessary.  Prompt obedience saves many an extra spanking.

But not EVERYTHING is about *you*.  Of course you can gain wisdom in every circumstance.  Of course you can grow closer to God every moment of your life.   But that isn’t to say that everything you’re going through right now has to do with sin in your life, a duty upon which you’re procrastinating, or a lesson you need to learn to do the next thing.

Sometimes you’re in a situation for someone else.  You’re their lesson, encouragement, burden, example.

I think about the last years of my grandfather’s life in this context.  His mind had long since departed.  He didn’t know who any of us were.  I’m not too sure he knew who he was – he certainly did not know who he was in that present moment.  So why was he still breathing?  (He was a Christian, so he could have been released to go Home).  He was here for other folks.

I think we get to know about this stuff in Heaven.  I hope we do.  God’s tapestry is beautiful.


God is in control of everything, including the timing.  You’re not missing out on anything He wants for you if you’re in His will.

I want to push forward.   You can just put a period there and leave it in any blog I ever write, ever.  That’s a character statement, not a comment on life.  Except at the moment, it’s both.

I tend to think of the things in the Next Stage as rewards, and I need to adjust my thinking to consider them Next Duties.   It’s not that these are not wanted changes, but just like the stage of life I am exiting, they are not going to be without work.   I’ve *loved* my years as a housewife and a mom.   I prayed for them, and I consider myself very deeply blessed to have enjoyed them.   A lot of tapestry weaving was involved to give me this opportunity.

But they weren’t always easy or fun or the way I thought they’d be.   Yes, there was definitely apple-pie and apron wearing.  There was also school stress, a full house, and the constant sense that I was doing it wrong somehow.

I didn’t miss out on anything because things didn’t go according to my plans.

Change is coming, but it will get here when it gets here.   When it does, God already has my ducks in a row.  I don’t have to organize them, I don’t have to do work He’s not asking me to do.  I just have to obey, one day at a time.


The place I’m in is a place full of opportunities to learn.  I have things to do for me and mine – personal goals to work on.  (I’m so grateful for personal goals, they keep me sane).

But I’m not in control of the Next Thing or the transition.  Doing my stuff faster, pushing harder, isn’t going to get me out of the bits of my life I’m not enjoying any faster.   I’m here for a reason – and that reason isn’t necessarily me.

God’s got this.


PS things that I am enjoying lately include changes in perspective on things I thought were written in stone.  That’s fun.  I like it when God changes my viewpoint to align more closely with His plans for me.