Unfair Advantages

All decent parents spend their resources to improve their children’s chances of thriving.  Whether that’s money, time, skill… that’s just what decent parents do.   There can never be forced equality of parenting, because we humans will always do what we can to give our kids the best.

So, I’m totally pro giving my kids a leg up.   But I never wanted to give my kids a leg up by standing still and having the other kids’ foundations stolen.


I’m grateful for my husband for so many things, he’s a wonderful man and a great father.   I know everyone doesn’t have as great a dad as he is.  I know everyone doesn’t have as great a dad as I still have.  Or a great dad like DH’s dad was.

But not having a dad at all?   Ouch.

Anyway.  To all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!   You matter.

4 thoughts on “Unfair Advantages

  1. Elspeth

    Good post, friend. I am eternally grateful that my kids have such an awesome father. And I miss mine terribly but have joy knowing I will see him again one day.

  2. Elspeth

    It’s a disheartening stat but I am not shocked by it. Factor in the kids living with a parent married but not to their bio mom or dad, and it gets even worse.

    But He is Father to the fatherless, if we know how to let Him be so and receive His love.


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