I’ve said before that I think the argument is a bit specious because God is outside of Time, but I had some thoughts that made this gel a bit better for me.

It is one of the attributes of God that He is Omniscient.  He cannot be ignorant of anything.

It is one of the attributes of Man that he was created with free will – freely to choose love and obedience or rebellion and alienation.

God cannot be ignorant of the choices that Man will make, regardless of when he makes them, much as we were known from the time before our conception.  But this does not mean He makes the choice for us, that we will love Him or not.  Love without choice is not love.

When the Bible speaks of pre-determination, it speaks of this knowing, not of God having taken the choice from Man.  If God was the One choosing, all would be saved.  He limits His power so that we can make the choice – but He does not limit His knowledge of what we will do.

And that amount of love staggers me.  To create, to love, to know all the while that some of the beloved would leave forever… simply for the sake of those who stay.   Flabbergasting.  I mean, face on the floor whimpering even to think of it, the pain that God must have.

Anyway.  I wanted to share and get it on paper so it wouldn’t bump around in my brain.

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