A people day

Sometimes I think I write so much about what I believe that it’s hard to see where I am…

Today was a people day.  I have some sewing projects I’d really like to work on, and I finally got my weekly chores backed into a corner and tamed down around Tuesday, then Wednesday promised to take my daughter to the movies, and then today… today could have been a things day, but it was a people day.

First I had to take the dog to the vet.  Which isn’t all that people, except I always chat to the receptionists.  Anyway, it needed doing.  You’re responsible for living things in your care.

Then I had to go to TRU for a present for my daughter to take to a bday party tomorrow, and to two grocery stores.  Daughter and I did those errands together, so we had some nice time.  I got a lot of 11yo girl enthusing.

Husband asked me to check in on the new neighbors and I ended up chatting with her for a good long while.  Nice, fellow Christian and fellow seamstress.

Then son came back from a camping trip with my folks.  Went to folks’ house to pick him up, chatted with them a few.

Then it was time to take my daughter to swimming lessons.  We got there, she slammed her finger in the car door, we came back home and iced (and Advil’d) her up.

Dinner.  Husband came home, I sat with him while he watched some TV.  “How things work” for Alaska.  Alaska seems more sane than the lower 48 right about now…

And that was my day.  It’s nearly 9 pm now… I’m not going to the sewing cave, I don’t sew when I’m tired, I mess it up.

Some days you’d really like to be a Martha, but you’re a Mary because that’s just what needs doing.  People are so much more important than things, I don’t mind.  But I’d sure like to have something to show for my day…

I’m not going to pretend to be what I’m not.

I’m not going to pretend that watching the insanity that our country has been wallowing in, especially the last few years, doesn’t baffle me.  One minute I’m ready to head to the hills (literally) and the next minute I figure there’s no reason to raise an eyebrow because clowns took up throwing pies.   What do you expect from clowns, anyway?

And I’m not going to pretend that I really don’t want to go to bed right now because I need to hit CF at the crack of dawn.  Or that I’d rather not, but that pesky Marying comes in again – scheduling conflict if I don’t get my fuzzy tail out of bed bright and early.

Next Mary task?  Calling in the cats and putting out my husband’s clothes for tomorrow.  G’night all.  🙂

3 thoughts on “A people day

  1. Elspeth

    YOu don’t get good neighbors around a lot of parts too often. Spent the morning with a delightful woman and it was 2 hours well spent. I’m trying to remember that importance of fellowship with other believers as a mark of Christian faith, not just something we stumble upon if we might the “right” kinds of people.

    Now I’m getting on the sewing machine. Productivity is also important. Keep an eye out for the pin!


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