God is Mindboggling – Lis Franc Update

Scoff as you will, dear reader, at the dreams I had that persuaded me to undergo the knife. Once upon a time, I’d have said the same. What I expected and what I have gotten thus far are miles apart. For those of you disinclined to hit the link, at two months post-surgery, I should just be getting out of a pointed-toe cast and into a walking boot. Where am I? Oh, you know… chilling in shoes and going to physical therapy. Walking. I went to Target last Wednesday. By myself, even. (It was kind of a lot, and I had to sit down, but hello – walking!)

It’s not like I *just* asked Dr. Google. Oh no, my research included talking to a physical therapist, a pedorthist, and my two initial visits with my orthopedic surgeon. And yes, Dr. Google. Knock yourself out – “achilles tendon surgery” is what you’re looking for. Until my pre-op appointment, all information pointed due 4-6 months of containment. At pre-op, the doc told me that time would be much less… maybe. (This even though he did a bit more cutting – I had some seriously destroyed ligaments so they moved the anchor points around so the one that’s left is working overtime. I’m working the 360 scar surround effect).

And so here I am. Gobsmacked. Godsmacked? Yes. An exercise in faith-increase. Absolutely nothing that I had planned has gone as planned. *I screwed up my pillow purchasing for propping up my foot*. At that point, all hope of me being in control was incinerated. But I haven’t needed to be. Everything is going along as God wants it to go. (Aka well – but not according to Hearthie’s list of preferences).

I’m just over here, wandering around. God’s got this. I don’t. He’s going somewhere good… and I’m along for the ride. It’s very confusing!!

ETA: So, after I wrote this I got over excited and cleaned up the kitchen and made breakfast and was on my feet for about 90 minutes and forgot *I should be in a boot* and that was very naughty of me. I’m now on “up for 15 minutes at a time and then sitting for hours” but that’s still AMAZING because no boot. See picture below… you can see my new scars and some of the bruising that’s still hanging around. Bruising is GOOD because it reminds me to sit, which will help heal. Again, not my idea of fun, but I am very much farther along because of it.

And with that update, I leave you, dear reader… for now. Come see me at Hearthrose.com or HistoricalFemininity.Locals.com 🙂


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