1. I would like to say that my self-control is perfect. It is not.
  2. I do NOT want my various blogs and public personae to be about the insanity that has taken over everything. It’s been done.
  3. I think I am more helpful pointing out useful things to do and say, things that are beautiful and positive, than ranting. Philippians 4:8
  4. Likewise, I can read perfectly well, and see that “self-control” is a gift of the Spirit, and so is “long suffering”. Wrath and anger are flesh, NOT Spirit.
  5. Thus, if I wish to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh, I need to exert self-control.
  6. I do scream and stomp my feet and rant – I just (mostly) don’t do it on social media. See #2 and #3.
  7. I have to *actively* take each thought captive, and it’s hard sometimes. Today is a hard day.

It’s – I think – okay to be frustrated and feel the emotion that’s real. Okay. Feel it. Let it go through.

And… now what?

I have a contribution to make, something I can do to make things better. So, after I get my daily things done, I’m going to be about THAT thing.

You have a thing to do to make things better too. So, go be about your work. Be in the Spirit, not the flesh. Let God work through you and change you. Be a light, which means getting yourself out of the way and letting Him shine through.

Today is not an easy day. I think we’re likely to see fewer easy days. I accept this without approving of it. So, there must be less of me and more of Him. Because the “me” is not very happy right now, and “me” would get in the way of others seeing Him and feeing Him in their lives.

That, I will not accept.

And this, this is going on the various profiles, because this is a true thing. Share if you like.

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