Shameless Plug

My friend Elspeth and I started a channel over on Give us a look – this is a code for three months’ free access to being part of the community. When it deactivates, I have it set at $2/mo. HISTFEMTRIAL

7 thoughts on “Shameless Plug

  1. Elspeth

    Reblogged this on Reading in Between the Life… and commented:
    Thakfully, Hear this took the initiative here.

    I’m not motivated to advertise, but I’m very excited to unpack femininity from a truly traditional perspective. Focusing on the 1950s template (from the right) or the 1960s revolutionary woman (from the right and left) has landed us in a ditch. Neither of these are what we see historically or what God intended.

    Check out Historical Femininity!

    1. nellperkins

      Hearthie, this sounds fascinating AND like a certain direction I hoped your writing would take. Only trouble is, the link takes me to a place I can’t figure out. I enter my own email and the promo code, but it doesn’t work.

      1. hearthie Post author

        Weird. I’m new to myself. The concept is that we make a community where reading is free, but commenting is not (and some posts will also, eventually, be paid-only). This is a troll-killer, which should allow us to be more free with our discussions. Also, this is where Els and I get to show off a bit, flex our wings, and hopefully get a new, larger audience. So hop over to the site, try just reading and after you’re more familiar with the tech there, give membership another shot if you’re interested. The three-free-months runs through Dec 4.

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