The Practical Use of Eschatology

I used to be a super eschatology buff.   Listened to a ton of Chuck Missler back when he was still with us.   Had a bloggy group around a gal who was following all the signs that “He was coming soon”.    Good fun.  I learned a lot of Scripture.   Missler was right – if you really get seriously into your eschatology, you *have* to learn the rest of the Bible.   There is no harm in debating points of Scripture with like minded folks.  Wholesome, really.

But eventually I said, “Okay.  You’ve convinced me.  The days are short.  So.  What do I want to do with the time which remains?”

Let’s take the example of a castle.   The castle is Christendom.   Up on the top of the highest tower sits a lookout.   He starts to see dust in the distance.  The Master is coming home!   It’s an overcast, dingy kind of day, and the lookout can’t get a fix on how far the Master is from home, or how fast He’s coming.  Just – He’s coming.

Everyone in the castle serves the Master, and everyone has been given their job.   So.  You’ve heard the Master is on His way.   What are you doing?  What do you want to be FOUND doing, when He gets in the door?   What do you want the area of your responsibility to look like?   For me, the answer is simple.   I want to be found with busy hands and the arena of work He’s given me in the best shape I can get it in.

Inexplicably, a lot of folks decide to stand at the foot of the lookout tower and yell for updates and not work.   I don’t get that.  I ACCEPT that He’s on His way.   I HAVE things to be doing.  If He takes His time, that means I get more work done.   If He runs quickly, at least He won’t find me napping.

Of course I want to hear the updates as they come.   But my job is not lookout.   My job is not to gossip about the lookout’s news, as much as it interests me.   My job is in front of me.

And there is plenty of work to be done.

4 thoughts on “The Practical Use of Eschatology

    1. hearthie Post author

      Well, not so much the point. I mean, headlines are useful. But then what? It’s not like I don’t watch the news. But then … it’s time to get over my fear and discombobulation and DO something.

      1. elspeth

        At this point, I’m at a loss as to what to DO, honestly.

        Pray? Obviously. Love my neighbors? Check. Spread the gospel? Not too good at doing that with strangers, but I’m thinking I need to work on it. Maybe some Ray Comfort videos will help, 🙂

      2. hearthie Post author

        LOL do you want one? He’s come to preach to us a few times at this point, he was a great favorite of Pastor Mike’s. I think you have to be a certain kind of person (which I am NOT) to pull this off. But let me tell you what I’m writing down… there are a lot of kinds of folks in this world, with a lot of different talents, and a lot of different tasks. Your task in THIS moment may or may not involve your Big Talent. What you DO is ask to be directed to what you ought to be doing, and then watch to see what crosses your path. Not the “I shoulds…” in your head, but the “this is the thing in front of me that wants doing”. FWIW I think writing that book you’ve talked about would be very helpful. A wounded Christendom has a harder time responding to the Call. Getting after healing those wounds is a worthy effort.

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