I don’t do vision boards

I have it on excellent authority that they’re more New Agey than is appropriate for a Christian to be messing about with.  I asked a witch.   She was gobsmacked to think Christians were doing that, the whole “setting intentions” thing.  It’s pretty close to what she does to cast spells.   The idea that pasting up pictures can change your reality is … uh, yeah.  It’s not Biblical, kthx.

Now, I don’t mind a good New Year’s resolution.  After all, what can we change?  Ourselves!   Goals, desires, hopes… all good.

I even like vision.  I mean, I have a vision… everyone has a vision.  But to put it on paper and then stare at it and focus, it feels kinda idoly to me, y’know?  Or, again, spelly.

I feel left out though.  Everyone’s doing it!  That’s how you get where you’re going!

Unless… you don’t.

1 Corinthians 3:19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God. For it is written, “He is the one who catches the wise in their craftiness

I am in this super weird space where I have total confidence in God’s plans for this year.   GOOD STUFF COMING.   But I don’t know exactly where.  I definitely don’t know when.   The flesh would like an explanation, and the spirit isn’t giving one.

Goals are the awesome.   But for 2020?  I have dreams, entrusted to God.

I’m  not going to put those dreams on paper, though a few minutes on my pinterest would give you a hearty clue.   I choose not to do that.   I don’t want to cast a spell.  I don’t want to “create a vision”.   I rejoice in trusting my future to God.  I’m excited about what He has for me (us) next.   And I think that He has something better than I can imagine – so why limit Him?

It feels weird to not have the structure.    But maybe “weird” is exactly where I need to be….



3 thoughts on “I don’t do vision boards

  1. Elspeth

    I always thought vision boards sounded like a silly waste of time, but I’d never considered their religious implications. Now they sound dangerous and creepy.

    1. hearthie Post author

      If it were a “I want to get married, and I’m daydreaming, and here’s my pinboard of engagement rings, and yes, because I is girl, this one is my very favorite (until I see one I like better)” then that wouldn’t be creepy.

      It’s picking out the ring, putting it on a board, then you want THAT ring. Even if the lack of creepy… how does that work in life? Now you are going to be bummed out if NOT ONLY you don’t get engaged, but if you ARE engaged and somehow “the universe” didn’t bring you exactly the ring you’d wanted…

      I’m a heavy pinterest user, and I have daydream boards. BUT they don’t have “the one true picture” they have … well, they’re mood boards. “I like this kind of thing” or “ooo pretty”. Describing, to myself, what appeals most. And I *am* expecting great things…. but making a vision board that has one house, one tree, one … yeah. It totally feels like creating an idol. And if you talk to people who use them, talk to them about the ways they’re used, you’ll see what I mean about the idolatry.

      I *know* that I’m scrupulous to the extreme about certain things… but I’d rather err on the side of “no thanks” than let something into my life that shouldn’t be here.


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