Book Review: Hinds Feet In High Places

I decided I needed to spend a bit more time getting serious about taking in good Christian writing and my pursuit of wisdom.   So, I’m starting a bit more serious reading … but while I was trying to make my list, I realized I’d already read a good many of the books.  So, for as long as it amuses me and you… here’s a series on Christian classics.


Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard is a classic allegory of the walk of sanctification specifically aimed at women.  I expect a man might make use out of it – there’s good to be taken – but it is an *explicitly* feminine take.

If you haven’t read this, and you’re a Christian woman, it is worth your time.  It is a short read, and intense.   Yes, it is emotional.   However, it’s not sticky and inappropriate.  It deals with the real emotions that we have to conquer to walk forward in the Christian life.

The protagonist must repeatedly make choices – painful choices – in order to continue to follow Christ.   He is always ready to help, and sends her daily helpers, but He also asks her to take a journey that winds through some strange and perilous ground.  As she continues to walk, she grows stronger, until she is finally transformed into the woman Christ had planned for her – and … well, I won’t spoil the ending, but it’s good.

I’ve read through this numerous times for my own benefit and enjoyment, and I recently worked through it as a devotional with my mentee (if you’re interested, this is the link to the study we used).   I don’t agree with every word in either the book or the devotional, but it took me through a good solid soul-searching, and helped both my mentee and I grow spiritually.

Again, this book is *short*.   It’s sweet, written for a woman’s heart and understanding.  And it is challenging.    I find all too many modern works about as strong as watered milk.   Hinds’ Feet is strong – especially if you allow yourself to see your own weaknesses in the protagonist’s struggles, and the areas of choice you’ve avoided (or been stuck on) in hers.

It’s not about marriage, it’s not about children, it’s about becoming strong in the Lord.  And it’s for women.

Five stars.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Hinds Feet In High Places

  1. Lisa Laree

    I can’t honestly say I have ONE favorite book…but Hinds Feet in High Places is certainly in the top 10%. It’s about time for a re-read…


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