New Pastor, New Emphasis

It was prophetic that the last book that Pastor Mike lead us through was Joshua.   Even as we got well into the book, his Caleb and Joshua (pastors Dan and Abel) had to hold up his arms by preaching for him as his health began to fail.   Pastor Mike was a Moses.  Not someone you could believe was up to leading a flock – but he did, and brought it health and increase.

It’s been a month since he died.   A good man.  A good life.   But … the sheep need a shepherd.

And now we have Pastor Dan as our new head pastor.

And things will change.   And people will leave.  And people will come in.  And the church will change.

And that’s okay.

Our city is blessed with several excellent churches.  I don’t begrudge them a few congregants as things settle out.   When you get a new pastor, you get new priorities, new ways of doing things.  And that annoys folks.  Whatever.  As long as you’re in a Bible believing, Bible living church that pushes you to grow in the faith?  I don’t care where you go.

Pastor Ralph (before Mike) had an emphasis on Loving the Lost – we had numerous  recovery ministries when he was the pastor, and we brought in a lot of folks that “didn’t look like” they’d be your typical Christians.    You want sold out for Christ?  “She was forgiven much, so she loves much” is applicable to those folks.

Pastor Mike worked hard to equip the saints.   We were trained up right.  And the love in our church?  Seriously.  I think you can get a love high by touching the walls.  He was steeped in the love of God, and he taught us how that was done, in action.

Pastor Dan is in love with the gospel, and with evangelism.  I can feel the altar calls getting more frequent as I sit here… and HOORAY.  I was raised with regular altar calls.   And yelling.  He exhorts pretty hard.  So?  I was raised Baptist.  If you don’t yell, do you even care?

I was rooting for Pastor Dan just as hard as I was rooting for Pastor Mike back in the day.   He’s going to be an amazing pastor, and I’m so happy that we have a good man to lead us as we take territory for our Lord.

Oh, and YES.  I know how much I’m blessed with my church.   😉

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