There are seasons in life – and in individual lives.   I’m ending a season in life, starting another.   I’m ending a season in my individual life, and starting another.   Those overlap – but they’re not the same thing.

The World likes to make you have all this drama about seasons.  Like, just because Autumn is over and Winter is here, suddenly either you hated Autumn or you’re going to cry because it’s gone.   -shakes head and looks annoyed-  Um, no.

I started work last week.   Good place to be.  I could go down the list of how well provided for I am, but as always, it’s a bit embarrassing.   God hooked me UP, people.

I am allowed to say, of the past years at home, “it was good” without wanting to stay in the same space forever.  It’s been good.  Time well spent.  I am grateful for it.

Ten years ago, I went through a season in my private life of severe pruning.   Winter.  It was VERY PAINFUL.   The intervening 10 years have been years of rehabilitation, rest, and fertilizing.   I’ve healed, and more than healed.   I’ve put down roots in the Word.  I’ve been fed, watered, fertilized – again, the ways in which I’ve been provided for are embarrassing.   God is so good to me.

These ten years have been good.   Very quiet, but good.   And all the time, the awareness of how profoundly I have been blessed in my life has never left me.   Spring.   A long, slow, sweet Spring.   Some of the sprouts planted have grown, some of them died.   That’s the way of things in the Springtime.

I have my marching orders.   Summer is here.  Time to grow, time to spread branches.   And someday, Harvest will come.   And then Winter again… because that’s what seasons do.    When?  I don’t know.   The seasons of life come when they come, in God’s time.

I know what I’m called to do now.  It will take me a minute to grow into the person who can do those things, but that’s fine.  I’m a little terrified at all I’m aiming to accomplish – it’s a good thing I’m depending on God and not on me, because there’s no way I could do it.

Spring has been fine.   And Winter, however horrible it was to live through, changed me in ways for which I am incredibly grateful.   But Summer is here.   Summer is here, and it’s time to grow and bear fruit.

Let’s see what God has in store.



3 thoughts on “Seasons

  1. Elspeth

    Beautiful! I am so very happy for you in the season, and the wonderfully magnificent way God provided for you to honor your husband’s direction, still be homeward focus, and also create has been a blessing to me in my current season.

    I too am in a season of spring renewal, in so many ways. The desire to walk well in this current iteration is strong in me. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to process it all and move in the right direction. But…let’s see what God has in store. 🙂

    1. hearthie Post author

      I do. God is so good. It really is embarrassing. And I write to encourage others going through things, so… it’s good to hear that it helps!


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