Go ahead.  Ask God for direction – and mean it.   See what you get….

I feel like the last few years of my life have been an industrial-strength bootcamp insofar as developing my faith muscles is concerned.   “I’ve got this”.  “Good, um, You wouldn’t like to give me a timeline or method?” “Nope”.  “Right.  Good.  Thank you.”  This business of radically changing my life as I move into this next season of existence* is no exception.

“What are you doing next?”  Dunno.   “Where?”  Dunno.    Except every day I’m being refined, moved from total ignorance one step closer to having a clue.   I feel like a chess piece.  Every conversation I have about work gives me a little bit more information, every task I take on situates me a little bit closer to the goal.   I do have a goal.  I want to make enough money to pay for the increased expenses of this new season in life – and I don’t want a job that sucks my soul out and returns nothing in its wake.  I’d like to do something I find interesting, and work somewhere I can be truly useful/helpful, not just a warm body.   Oh – my job should be flexible, I’m still on mom patrol to some extent.

It’s not just this, you know.  I’m getting prayers answered – and  “I’d really like to find…” supplied that never made it to a prayer.   Things I’ve been waiting years for are dropping off the trees around me.   Ministries I’m involved in are evolving… it’s like EVERYTHING around me is in a season of change.

Since I’ve been praying for this for years, it’s pretty exciting.  But you think I’d have a clue.  You’d be sooooooo wrong.   I don’t know what God is doing.  I know He is faithful.  I know He wants my best, and now is the time of change/movement.   Faith muscles?  Still working out like crazy.

I’m being walked along with a blindfold on … babied every step of the way.  I’m grateful.  But this is one trippy experience, folks.


*The kids get to move to greater autonomy while I move back to a more supervisory role – less sitting on their heads and doing for them, more helping them learn to do for themselves (and the family).

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