To be forgiving is not to be unfeeling

Christians are to turn the other cheek when we are wronged.

We are to forgive, for we have been forgiven.

That’s not the same thing as excusing the slap.  It’s not the same thing as smiling through the pain.  It’s not an incantation that means you’re not wiping a bit of blood from your lip as you turn your head.

If you wound me, I will hurt.

Because I have the Holy Spirit, I always have solace.  Because I have Jesus, I am never alone.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get lonely.  It doesn’t mean I don’t cry.

I’m not inhuman.

And neither. are. you.

When you forgive a sin against you – you’re forgiving SOMETHING.  It is the fashion of the day to excuse-away sin rather than forgiving it.  But to forgive, there must be a trespass.  There must be harm.

Christians *can* forgive, even the most horrific things, because we are given the power to do so by the Holy Spirit.

Why do we pretend that we aren’t injured when someone deliberately wounds us?

Do we *intend* to reduce the power of the words, “I forgive you”?  No, but our culture which teaches us to do so, that culture doesn’t like the concept of sin.  Of harm.

Yes, you can hurt me.  And yes, you can be hurt.  Christianity doesn’t protect you against tears – it gives you a reason to be joyful in the midst of sorrow.


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