God made all kinds of people in this world, but there are two camps that come to mind at the moment, the Pioneers and the Sensible.

The Pioneers dream big – and often fall big.  They’re the ones who push the boundaries, the ones who try crazy things, the ones who sometimes create amazing new realities – and sometimes end up living on the Sensible people’s couches when it all goes horribly wrong.

The Sensible people might dream, but what they do is provide a solid foundation for society.   They do what’s been done before, and they do it well.  They make the wheels go round.  They have the houses where the Dreamers come to crash, when their dreams crash down around their heads.

We need both kinds of people.   And these folks can learn from one another – the Pioneers can learn from the Sensible, and have a fall-back position.  The Sensible can learn from the Pioneers, and remember to dream.

Seems like these days I’m hearing a lot of Sensible people snipe at the Pioneers.  “What they want won’t work.  It didn’t work for these other people.  Look at all the problems.  Look at all the potential for disaster.   DOOM!”

Yeah.  A lot of times dreams die.  That’s why we call them dreams.  But if no one ever dreamed, nothing would ever change.   No one would ever cross that horizon – well, at least not until population pressure in town forced ’em off the property.

When people dream, they’re not just talking about the problems – they’re thinking of solutions.  And maybe their solutions won’t work.  And maybe 1/10th of those solutions will work, and 9/10ths don’t.  But even if it’s 1/1000, that’s better than 0.   And we can learn from what works, and what doesn’t.  And the second generation of dreamers refines and moves forward – and we all benefit.

Just talking endlessly about what sucks is pointless.  Defining a problem (ANY problem) is an important first step in solving the problem.  Defining a problem and choosing not to take the second step is pointless.  It’s like telling me I have cancer and not picking up a knife.

Let the Dreamers dream, let the Pioneers break new ground.  Yeah, sometimes there will be bears.  It’s dangerous work, pioneering.  But that’s why everyone doesn’t do it.

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