Unstuffing the couch cushions

A quick lesson on the whole “being honest”… one of the things that this month has afforded me is a good look at my weaknesses and fears.

And *that* is an excellent thing.

  1. I can’t pray over something if I don’t know it’s a problem.
  2. I can’t confess a sin I’m pretending not to know about.
  3. Humility lives in understanding my inability to cope with life without Jesus, not in my taking care of things so that He doesn’t have to.

In other words, if my desire to be perfect impells me to stuff the sofa cushions with all my problems, so that even I don’t have to look at them… how can I surrender them to Jesus?

1 thought on “Unstuffing the couch cushions

  1. ballista74

    Indeed. If I didn’t be honest, I wouldn’t be very far before God in the first place, as He is going to actually know when I lie about myself. Ultimately, it’s lying to ourselves and just does us and others around us no good when we can’t or don’t confront things and be open about them.

    Of course, the other problem is that we are often so blind that we can’t see our own failures and fears. It helps when we can be candid with each other in community to see those kinds of things, but the environment is such that it’s often better not to bother. Even though it’s not healthy in any respect (emotionally, physically, spiritually), and plays into Satan’s will.

    As the Scripture I quoted over at my place indicates, if anything our job in all of this entails pushing all this stuff out into the open that Christ may be able to deal with them. If anything, one lesson I’ve taken out of those frustrations I mentioned (and probably will share if I find a way), is that we need to open ourselves up so we can be able to be loved and can reflect Christ’s love. That and the sheer blessing of finding a Christ that can love us regardless of our failings. Of course, the Church is supposed to be that in the flesh, but unfortunately I find it never is…


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