Magic Pill vs. the Fruit of Wisdom

Our society is set up to believe in magic pills.

I think that’s because we don’t have very much wisdom operating, and because we just can’t handle the whims of fate.

Wisdom will tell you that fresh air, exercise, and a sensible diet are healthful.  Logic will tell you that if you make healthful choices, you are more likely to be healthy.  An understanding of life and fate will tell you that you can’t offset everything.

Magic Pill thinking says that there is one absolutely perfect diet, and that if you find the absolutely perfect diet, all of your aches and pains will go away, you’ll be transported on clouds of ease to your perfect weight and muscle tone, and you’ll never know a day’s illness.

Because we have so many fools in our society, who have no interest in wise living, when one of those fools starts eating well, the change can be almost magical.  I have a friend like this – every time she stopped drinking soda,she’d lose gobs of weight, nearly overnight.  Then she’d start drinking soda again… well, that’s on her.  But I haven’t had a soda in over a decade, and I haven’t been a regular drinker ever.  Why do I struggle with weight? If I surrender to Magic Pill thinking, I’ll get mad and depressed.  “It didn’t work for me!”

We do this with pregnancy.  We do it with child raising.  We do it with where in the country you should live.  We do it with the details of family life.  We do it with marketing your business.  We do it with the mating dance.  And on.  And on. And on.

Magic Pill thinking is destructive, because although wise choices bring better results than foolish choices, they’re not magical.  Wise choices aren’t a guarantee.  But our society has lost nearly all of its ability to differentiate.

We see the foolish people, we see the wise people, and we want what the latter has… and we don’t want to wait for the fruit of wisdom, we don’t understand that fate has its hand in the mix, and we want a simple solution to complex problems.  And most of all, we want to put our faith in something of the flesh, something much easier than, “Thy will be done, Lord.  I’m going to get in the game, I’m going to do things as well as I can, and then the results are up to You”.

Magic Pills don’t exist.  God does.

4 thoughts on “Magic Pill vs. the Fruit of Wisdom

  1. elspeth

    Wisdom isn’t sexy. Slow and steady wins the race isn’t sexy. You can do your best and sometimes thngs still go wrong isn’t sexy.

    And by “sexy” I mean it doesn’t appeal to our base sensual, selfish, instant gratification natures that have been honed to pefection over the past 50 years.

    The good news about reaching a certain age is that you do start to *get it* a little more.

  2. ballista74

    I think “simple” is the word you’re looking for here instead of “fool”. Wisdom is often something that eludes the “simple” (the “fool” as well, who is defined as actively rejecting wisdom) simply because they do not consider on things they do, they do not own things for themselves, and especially do not try to consider understanding of any “hard” things, especially Scripture.

    Mind you, the fate of the simple is often the same fate as the fool, but for different reasons. The preponderance (especially in the churches) is simple, so simple prescriptions (magic pills) are often offered instead of the fullness of truth, sadly. Personally I know it frustrates me to death to see it. But just how it is in this world.

  3. annasach

    I disagree with ballista’s assessment of the “simple”. It is the intellectual who often misses the *simple* truth that is obvious to one who is not caught up in complex theorizing. A fool is at least as often clever as stupid. To mistake the sophisticated for the wise only makes one the greater fool.


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