Everyone wants help

In theory, we know that we’re all part of the Body of Christ, and therefore we all have different jobs and different giftings to do those jobs.  In practice, I’ve not met anyone who was passionate about their job who didn’t want everyone to come help!

There are worse things.

So, *I* think that every child of God should be out there loving on folks and making time in their lives to listen.  What do you mean you “don’t have counsel?”… doesn’t everyone have counsel?   Same goes for those who have evangelism.  Yes, I spread the gospel.   Can you find anyone who knows me who doesn’t know that I’m a Christian?  But I’ve never closed the deal.  Talked, discussed, debated, enthused, gushed, witnessed… but not helped someone down the Romans Road.

I’ve prayed healing.  Don’t have it on tap.  I’m encouraging enough that there’s a good chance I’m going to sprout pom-poms from my wrists some night.   I can explain, though my teaching is meh.  Obviously I’m not a pastor or apostle.  I don’t have (or especially want) tongues.

We really *can’t* all do the same stuff.  I’d like to heal and do miracles and evangelize – but I don’t have the gifts.  I ask.   I figure I’m supposed to ask, I don’t get too bent out of shape by the “no”.

I think it’s a lot like volunteering opportunities.  As a SAHM rolling her kids off into independence, it’s like I poured a vat of honey on my head, I’ve got enough folks hovering around, hoping I’ll come volunteer with them.    Not a bad thing, and most of the causes are worthy.   I do what I can do… I use the gifts I have… but not everyone can do everything.

That’s the point of being a Body – my thumb can’t hear, my ear can’t open a jar.  I want open jars and hearing, so I need both.

And I’ll probably still feel guilty about not getting everything done for everyone… 😀

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