Leaving Doors Open



I’ve been having a conversation with a friend of mine who doesn’t understand why I leave friendship’s door open to people whom I do not trust.   It’s simple.  My function in this world is to offer counsel and solace – I can’t *do* that if people can’t find me.  Why do I leave the door open?  Because they might need me.

Someday that crazy person might get their head out of their rear end and look up and be ready to hash out their hurts and sorrows, be ready to come to Jesus, or be ready to get their lives back on track.  Someday, they’ll need a friend.   And they will look around at a lot of bridges burnt, but my door will be open.   It’s happened, and it’s happened more than once.

Sometimes they think that I’m stupid.  I can usually tell when someone thinks they’re deceiving the innocent.  Being kind is generally equated with low intelligence.  (This makes me roll my eyes, but whatever).

I’m just “here” for a lot of sane folks too.  Someone has to do it, and I enjoy it.  Shovels want to shovel, I want to make it better, it’s what I was made to do.

I live in trepidation of the parable of the talents – I know very well that I have been greatly gifted with love and support, and I have been carefully protected through many of life’s storms.   My “service”, if you will, is PLEASANT, usually easy, and causes me no distress.  What does cause me distress is the thought that God would send someone to my door and I would fail them.

This is my brand of noblesse oblige.  To whom much has been given, much will be expected… I have been given Love, and I honestly don’t think I’m *capable* of giving it back in the quantities which I’ve been blessed.  But I’m going to try.

And if somewhere along the line, I Love someone who doesn’t deserve it?  I don’t care.  It’s not about me.

This is what I’m for.  Loving.   I … don’t have the right words exactly, but if you know, you know.  You know?  😀

Anyway.  I’ve been trying to figure out how to explain “why” to my friend, and I saw that quote and then it all merged.  So.  There ya go.

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