Small Thoughts on Ecumenism and Iron Sharpening Iron

Chris reminded me of what I consider the strength of the modern Church, and that is its diversity… at least when we’re all serious about the One that matters, and our pursuit of Truth.

My Messianic friends teach me about the beauty of the OT feasts, and how they plug into Jesus’ life and prophecy.  They enrich my understanding of our Lord, and sometimes bring me near to tears.  (

My Calvinist friends remind me to study hard and stand unflinchingly for the Truth, regardless of popularity.

My more Pentecostal friends remind me to have BIG faith.

My Catholic friends show me the strength of a church that works together.  (The only time I want to be Catholic is when I fantasize about excommunicating certain folks who blaspheme our Lord by claiming Him).

My Orthodox friends show me love for tradition, and pure stubbornness in the face of the World.

Better would be if we truly knew when we were doing it “right” – but according to the seven letters in Revelation, we haven’t had that dialed in since John’s day.  I’m looking forward to learning to worship perfectly in Heaven.

Until then, I do the best I can (and I do and y’all do your best … and we’ll argue about details, and thus sharpen each other.  We make each other think.  We challenge each other’s assumptions.  We poke each other in our weak spots.  We illuminate the dark spots.  We’re a family.  Family is frequently annoying.  🙂  But we are all working for One Person.

And just as we’re one family, we’re one body… bodies have different bits with different purposes, skills, and weaknesses.

As an aside, if I could do one thing, it would be to share the overwhelming euphoric joy with which I am sometimes filled.  It’s amazing.  And all us sibs have equal access… so, if I could get you to do something, it would be to enjoy the filling of the Spirit and your communion with God.  Or maybe y’all do, and you aren’t telling me.  Because you should drop me a note about this stuff.  I need someone to glow with.  😀


3 thoughts on “Small Thoughts on Ecumenism and Iron Sharpening Iron

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