Faith – Obedience – Trust – Salvation

I owe Ballista74 a rewrite … which he’s not quite going to get, but I will do a bit better job of explaining myself.  That post was several back-of-the-stove pots all mixed into one, and it was confusing.  And whenever the issue of salvation comes up, the last thing I want to do is be confusing!!

Salvation is a gift of God, which we accept via faith (John 3:16 – believe).  It involves no works whatsoever on our part, unless you consider faith a ‘work’, which I do not.

What I wanted to talk about in that post was what the preachers call the “process of sanctification” – my experience of my walk in faith, and how obedience and trust and faith work together.  I didn’t want to sound like, “I’ve sooo got this” because I don’t.  But sometimes I just look at God’s work in my life and I sit in wonder.  The way God works is COOL.

You take that first tottering step of faith, like a baby … and God catches you and helps you along.  And your faith muscles get stronger, and you learn to trust in Him.   Just exactly like a baby with a good parent, the more you try, the more you dare, the higher you jump, knowing you’ll be caught – the higher you’re willing to jump next time.

This process of obedience grows you as a Christian.  Nothing to do with salvation at all.  And it’s not really “your work” – it’s not like we wouldn’t all like to squinch up our noses really hard and wish ourselves into spiritual maturity.  It’s the Holy Spirit working through you – as you get out of His way, it gets easier.

And it gets harder.  Because (hopefully) we don’t stay babies forever.   The scary thing that God takes us through, saying, “Trust Me, I’ve got this” of our first year in Christ is nothing to the scary thing that God brings us through 20 years later.  If we keep moving forward, keep obeying, we keep maturing.  It’s when we refuse to obey, refuse to take that jump – that’s when we stagnate.

Okay, that was more cohesive, right?  :D….

So I’m sitting here, and this is a big change year for me, and there’s some scary stuff going on – on several fronts.  And I’m like, “Okay, it’s cool.  You’re in charge.  But [pauses to rub scars] could you let me know how much this is going to hurt?  I tots know it will be worth it.  It’s all good – but let me in on the plan?”

And sitting here with the rewrite, I see that part of the jump this time is the not-knowing.   Will the hit come from the expected direction?  Will there be a hit?  Will it just be so intense, the changes in other directions?  What will be???

The desire for knowledge is, in part, a desire for control.  It’s a desire to “help” God by being prepared for the next step.  Like I can prepare myself for the future better than God can. [rolls eyes at myself]

The desire to strive, the desire to do well on the tests… that’s part of who I am.  But I’m forgetting… I’m not the one in control, and I’m not the one doing the grading.  I won’t even know what’s going on until eternity, in all probability.  So I just need to take up the DAILY obedience, the daily trust, the daily choice to obey – especially in the things I think are “little”.

Some things are hard and easy at the same time.  Trusting God?  Yeah, got that.  Not trying to turn to the last page of the book?  Uh.  I’ll work on it.  🙂  Daily choices, just daily – I can do that.  Through God’s grace, and not on my own!

And that’s cool.  Knowing that I don’t have to do it, I just have to choose and ask and God will do it for me.  He’ll hook me up, just for today.   Manna has only ever been for one day, sufficient to the day is the evil thereof.

One step at a time.

It’s a joy.  My heart swells as I’m being taught new things, as I grow closer to Him.  It’s *wonderful*.  Such a privilege.

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