Keoni and Dr. McGee

Weirdest title ever, I know.  😉  We could just call it late-night musings.  Y’all could talk to me… we could have a conversation?

Listening to Thru the Bible this week, Dr. McGee is going through his introduction to the book of Micah.  He talked about how there is a point at which nations have a no-turning back moment, a moment when, not because God lacks grace, but because the nation lacks the will to climb back into the Lord’s hands.  (Today is 7/17/15*

Serendipitously, Keoni’s latest blog post is about America jumping the shark.  And that’s how I’ve been feeling … like this latest thing is just the straw on the camel’s back.  I mean, nothing is surprising me now.  Planned Parenthood selling baby parts?  Eh.  They hook pimps up and ignore child molesters already… Trans folks okay in the military (has anyone thought about how they’ll figure out the fitness qualifiers)?  Just another day in the neighborhood.

God’s just not *wanted* around these parts, and that’s darn clear.   One day I feel like “popcorn!  What’s next?  What could *possibly* be next?” and the next day I’m mourning, wanting a pile of ashes and some torn clothes so that I can sit and weep over what’s been lost.

I know I’ve been watching the skies and heavily into eschatology for years now, am I just crying Chicken Little once again?  (FWIW I am, at this point, looking for the demonization and marginalization of committed Christians before I am betting on the Trumpet’s sound.  Of course I have no clue and don’t claim to.  After all my time and study, I agree with my hubs.   LOL that happens to me a lot!).

I’m a pre-tribber, and y’all know that by now.   I’ve got work to do every day God gives me on this earth.  But I’m wondering if those days are getting short… one way or t’other?

Oh well, if there’s one lesson God is pounding home to me in this season, it’s that He’s got this!  Whatever comes, I can trust in Him for everything, big and small.

*Y’all know that Dr. McGee has been with the Lord since before I got out of high school, hopefully.  Serendipity.

7 thoughts on “Keoni and Dr. McGee

  1. Elspeth

    I was discussing this with one of my kids yesterday, after listening to Dr. McGee’s teaching. How way back then (I was also in high school when he passed on!), Dr. McGee was seeing and commenting on the nature and state of our country in much the same way we are today. It’s something, isn’t it? And it occurred to me that he would be shocked at the depths to which we have sunken. Or maybe he wouldn’t be.

    When he said (paraphrased): We had a golden opportunity to be a light in the world after WWII, and what did we give them? Rock music, the New Morality, and a love of pleasure and affluence.. I thought how true that was! But the rise, decline, and fall of world empires is nothing new is it?

    And yes, your title is uncharacteristic, but Keoni’s post does dovetail nicely with this one.

    1. hearthie Post author

      I wish I would think to write down all the bits of patchwork that go together in my brain when they first show up… so much stuff dovetailing now, and I end up with just the general sense of malaise.

      I am pretty sure that Dr. McGee would be rolling in his grave if that was where he was. :/ Much like most folks who have gone before us and who loved this land.

  2. allamagoosa

    I have to just keep praying to keep my sanity. There’s the general national news, then there’s the news of my state which seems to be in the worst shape morally and economically, and finally there’s the revelation that the particular region we live in could be turned into a pile of inhospitable rubble at any moment (or maybe not in our lifetimes). As for that last one, for the first time in my life I am legitimately open to moving elsewhere. Where though, I don’t know. Do we just hop the mountains? Move to a nearby state? Move further away and south to where my brother and his family lives? Is moving even actually an option for us?

    I can’t answer any of that and ultimately it is NSR’s decision. So I just pray for clarity and open doors.

    1. hearthie Post author


      First – you’re a Christian. So, if you die, is it that big a deal (to you)? No. Life is for serving God and bringing Him glory, not for “winning” the world’s game. You’ve already won far better.

      Second – God’s in control. He who sees every sparrow, sees and cherishes you. That volcanic fault line (saw the article) has been there since before your grandparents were born. Hasn’t exploded. It will in God’s good time, but it’s not your worry. Everywhere has natural disasters. I live in SoCal – there’s not even water here without pipes!

      I’m not saying that it’s easy to give over worrying, because it’s not. I’m so not there. But we are told, over and over and OVER in the Bible to do just that.

      God’s got this! Your job is to obey and do what you’re doing.

      My week has been crazy enough with enough “just follow My lead”, that I might well write a post about it later as a witness. Maybe it will help someone?

      1. allamagoosa

        Believe me, I understand all of that. I’m mostly just praying that God will make it clear what we need to do. With equal reasons to stay as to leave (leaving personal preferences aside) and with bad news arriving with greater frequency all the time it makes it hard to keep a clear head and listen to God. I’m just trying to focus on sitting still and waiting, since at this point I’m willing to follow God anywhere. Which, maybe that willingness is all He wants from me right now, it’s certainly an improvement.

      2. hearthie Post author

        Maybe so. 🙂 I was trying to offer comfort/empathy – I sooo know that song. So many years I spent glued to real estate listings in your neck of the woods, hoping to live somewhere not-here. But God’s got that too, and eventually I had to swallow it. DH’s job could take him very nearly anywhere – so it’s not like a phone call couldn’t change our locale. (True of anyone, but especially so for him).

        Eventually I gave it up, and God’s meanwhile given us the best neighbors since *ever* (a real shocker on my block), and is developing community right and left… in SoCal. SOCAL. It doesn’t happen here, but … it is. ?!?!!!!?

        So I try not to whine about living somewhere I can’t fulfill my prepper daydreams, and just do what I can with what I’m given.

        So, you’re not the first to have to wrestle with that stuff. Dunno if any of the foregoing helped, but hopefully at least it made you feel hugged. 🙂

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