Continuing Information Gathering: JW

The nice JW lady came over again and let me give her tea…. results of conversation

1) They don’t believe that God knew that Adam and Eve would choose to sin, because if He knew, it would be unloving of God to allow them their free choice.  In more theological terms, they think that omniscience and omnibenevolence can’t coexist.  That was interesting, and took most of our time.  My theory (see CS Lewis) that God is outside of the dimension of Time and can no more not-know what I’m going to do tomorrow than I can not-know that there’s a hairbrush on my computer desk left them scratching their heads and convinced that this would contradict free-will, or that it would mean that He didn’t love us UNLESS He took our free will away.

2)  They believe that preaching the millennial kingdom is the whole point (this is, again, why they’re knocking on your door).  So the fact that most Christians consider Christ the King = the Kingdom incarnate is a bit of a confusion.  They really are NOT looking forward to eternity with our Lord Jesus, they just want Him to run the perfect gov’t while they get their vines and fig trees.  All very nice of course, but … it’s like comparing diamonds and potatoes.

3)  They don’t think that God uses natural disasters to punish or get the attention of nations other than historical Israel.   I threw several verses at them on this, since I’m reading through Isaiah and Jeremiah at this moment… I don’t know that I convinced them, but we moved along without a rebuttal.  Interesting factoid.

Three weeks until your next report.  🙂

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