Encouraging Sons

Watching my son doing this teenager thing…

1) He’s quite a bit taller than I am … and is getting stronger, so he’s now in charge of flipping the 5 gallon water bottle on my water.

2) He’s also enjoying lifting the heavy things for me… so I let him.  Hey, it’s nice to carry fewer groceries!

3) As of the other day, he’s officially tall enough to reach the top shelf in the kitchen (I can’t) so I told him that his new life is “get that for Mama”.

All this kind of stuff reinforces in him that he’s big and strong – bigger and stronger than I am.  It gives him positive ways to enjoy his masculinity.  Yes, I *could* do all this stuff on my own, but he’s pleased as punch when I lean on him a bit.

It’s the little things, I think.  Anyway, I enjoy watching him grow up.  🙂

5 thoughts on “Encouraging Sons

  1. Feminine But Not Feminist

    What about when boys are little (say, elementary school age)… any ideas for them? Asking them to open jars or something comes to mind, but I’m wondering what your experience is with that? What did your son do then? Just curious 🙂

    1. hearthie Post author

      Just did normal kid stuff. It’s the transition to manhood, where I gracefully give way, that makes it meaningful IMO. I’ve seen suggestions of “boy chores” – like taking out trash and whatnot – but I didn’t make an effort for that.

      And oh, you should see how pleased he is to carry the big heavy sack of dog food for mom… 🙂 It’s not that I *can’t*, it’s that he *can*.

      He’s changing right before my eyes and it’s such a pleasure to behold. He’s a good kid and I enjoy him.

      Figured this world could use someone saying that about their kids instead of complaining, so …

  2. Maeve

    Really nice post, Hearthie. I know from watching my brothers and my nephews how much sons like taking things on for their Mom. My oldest nephew opted to move back home rather than live on campus this year so he could help out my SIL – he’s a really fine young man and sounds like yours is on that path as well.


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