I am not a man

I am a woman.  I am not superior to a man, nor am I a poor copy.  I’m something different.

So much of the war between the sexes seems predicated on the idea (frequently subconscious) that one sex or the other is inherently superior, that the way they go about doing things is better, that we should emulate this way-of-being.  (Insert your own examples – I don’t want to rabbit-trail).

And then we start divvying up lists of virtues and assigning sexes to them… strength is male, kindness is female.  Bravery is male, gentleness is female.  And then, having divvied them up, you get to start arguing about which list is better than the other list.  Better yet, you get to say, “but we are TOO …, see ’cause we do …” -rolls eyes-

Could we please stop?

The list of virtues in the Bible is for both men and women.  We manifest those virtues differently.  A woman’s bravery doesn’t look like a man’s – that makes her no less brave.  A man’s kindness doesn’t look like a woman’s – this makes him no less kind.  When we start playing this game, we’re playing into the enemy’s hands.   We end up singing pride or self-hate.  We aren’t building each other up in the faith, that’s for sure!

Our world is confused and full of untruths.  Stand up and be who God made you.  If God made you a man, be the best man you can be.  Don’t try to fake being something you aren’t.  If God made you a woman, don’t try to be someone you aren’t.  As my friend TxB was fond of saying, “Keep your eyes on your own paper”.

We want to remind people what women and men really are?  Well, best start living it unapologetically.  I like men, I appreciate them.  I don’t want to be a man.  If I tried, I’d be sure of failure.  I’m a woman… I can at least *try* to be a good woman.  I can give my all to being a good wife, a good mother, a good friend.  I can look up the verses in the Bible especially about women, and strive after those things.  I don’t think I’m a shining example of a woman of God… but unfortunately enough of the lights in this world are out that my poor little light is shining whether I feel worthy or not.

If we want to represent Truth incarnate, the first thing to do is stop beating around the bush about the truth of who *we* are.

I am not a man.  And that’s just fine with me.

12 thoughts on “I am not a man

      1. Feminine But Not Feminist

        And I’ve gotten plenty of “that’s a cute outfit” on you!” kind of comments since then. So thank you!

  1. Elspeth

    You know I agree right? For some reason however, I seem to do a very poor job of getting that point across.

    Thank you for your eloquence in expressing this.


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