Beauty and truth

Horsehead nebula

Natural beauty is one of the ways in which our Lord is revealed.

While the saying, “Truth is beauty, and beauty, truth” is not Biblical, it is wise.  When our modern world left off looking at beauty, left off admiring it, enjoying it, considering it… we lost some of our reverence for the Creator.

That natural hearts are tugged towards beauty, from the day we are born, is well-known.  The modern considers this naive.  Always we must search out the ugliness beneath, because somehow *that* is what is true.  Beauty becomes confused with falseness, because of the antics of those who choose to whitewash and plasticize all that they see.

Why is this?  I think CS Lewis was more insightful than he realized, because I do believe it is demonic.   Thus, choosing beauty – true beauty – becomes a radical act.

You understand by now that I’m not simply talking about a pretty face or a nice dress, as much as I write about those things elsewhere.  I speak also of a lovely garden, the soft sounds of a brook over stones, the sight of animals running in the distance, the majesty of a storm over the sea.  I speak of art – paintings or music or dance – that reminds us of those things, that evokes awe and reverence.

Living a life without access to nature, without access to true beauty, stunts our ability to worship.  It causes our innate wonder to atrophy and dissolve.

I believe that creation of beauty is a revolutionary act, and that spending as much time as possible gazing at and participating in beauty can only draw our hearts closer to our Creator.

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