Surrender to your Purpose

We are all supposed to do certain things as Christians.  We’re all supposed to bring glory to God.  We’re all supposed to give out the Good News.  We’re all supposed to obey.

But we’re all different.  We were made differently, and our lives have shaped us in different ways.

It seems like a lot of us are thinking about the same sort of thing.  I wish this was easier to put into words.   We fight over what we were created to do, when we should be fighting ourselves to allow God to make the most of His creation.

It’s like… is a ruby or a sapphire more beautiful?   Well.  I dunno.  Depends if you like red or blue, I guess.  That’s what we do to one another.   We all want to be the same sort of creation.  But.We.Aren’t.

And that’s not our choice.  Our choice is to let God make us all that He wants, or to get in His way.  That’s pretty much it.  If we surrender to Him, if we strive to do His will, then we’ll be something wonderful – because He so chooses.  Our choice, in short, is between this:

               and this:

We’re not all the same.  We don’t start out with the same raw materials, but God can make us equally beautiful, equally functional, equally reflective of His glory… in different ways.   Would you want a world where there were only sapphires?

It’s like – evangelism is important.  We’re commanded to give out the gospel, and be ready to defend the Word of God.  So.  Some folks are really awesome at debate.  And when the Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on their doors, they debate.  I know all the same scriptures, but I’m not good at the quick draw.   But I can be kind, and I can draw them into conversation, and watch them as they rethink things – because their assumptions about people who aren’t Witnesses get messed up when they’re with me.  I can pray for their conversion, that the scales will fall from their eyes.

My job is not to sit and whine because I wasn’t given the gift of evangelism (or a silver tongue).  My job is to use the gifts I *was* given as best I can.

We are all potentially beautiful treasures in the jewelbox of God.  Not of ourselves – we didn’t create ourselves, we didn’t plan the cuts that got rid of the dross that occluded His light (never!), we didn’t do anything… except choose Him … or not.

So why do we feel a need to compare ourselves to one another?  That’s not our job.

You have no idea how beautiful you are to *me*, as I get to know you.  How lovely the facets of your spirits are, what songs you sing, what sweet fragrances you waft.  How much *more* the One who created you and planned you from the beginning of Time?

Surrender to the Potter, and allow yourself to be clay.  What He makes is always beautiful.  Always.

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