Leibster Redux

Thanks, Superslaviswife!  🙂  You’re too sweet.  I just now saw this… so, here we go.

1: How did you come up with your blog? How do you decide what to write?

– I’ve been blogging since Myspace days.  I used to write blogs that talked about what I did that day, what I was thinking about, just random happenings.  I also had a one-on-one religious debate blog with a Mennonite friend.   When my blog surfing took me to a xanga membership, I started finding my occasional pithy blogs becoming more frequent.  When xanga went down in flames, I moved to blogspot, and eventually put all the (new) deep stuff over here at HHH.  Hey, there was even a short-lived blog with Elspeth and Markymark.

I don’t really decide to write much of anything, the deep stuff sort of boils over in my brain and I have to write it down.  That’s why my output is random.

2: What is the hardest fact you’ve had to accept in life?

– That I can’t make people love me, and that forever-after isn’t something you’re handed on a plate.

3: Who do you love the very most in this World?

– In this world?  My husband.

4: What is your most time-consuming activity and what would you put the time into if you could get it back?

–  I’m not sure about “most time consuming”  – but if I could stop doing maintenance, that would be awesome.  😀  I don’t mind scrubbing once in a while, but why don’t things stay clean?  I don’t mind spending a back-breaking day in the garden – but why do those weeds come back?  I don’t think the maintenance fairy is going to come to my house, lol.  But stipulating she does?  More time thinking up crazy ideas and making them happen – more time sewing, more time creating generally.

5: What is your dream home like?

My dream home is a big craftsman house.  I want a guest room or two – I like guests.  I want a sewing room.  I’d love a library.  I’m pretty sure DH could use a den and a hobby room.  I love wood – wood everywhere.   We’ll be wanting a greenhouse or two, a workshop (or two, DH has always wanted his own forge), a big garden, plenty of room for animals… yep.  Big craftsman house in the country, preferably in the wilder areas of the Northwest.  A not-too-long walk from the coast with crashing waves would be perfect…  or a forest with a rushing stream and hidden pools….  LOL I spend too much time daydreaming about this.  😀

Random factoids:

Moment that shocked me in life:  When I was debating at a mommys’ religious board and found out that the preponderance of liberal religious people would prefer that their children convert to another religion, so long as they stayed liberal, to becoming conservative/fundamental in their own religions.    Shortly thereafter, I stopped conversing there – because really, what was the point?

I’m introverted but I’ve learned to act like an extrovert, right up until I get to the point where I’m ready to start screaming or hide under my bed or both.

I have actually run out of Home Depot in tears, because I’d had too much noise and too much fussing about.  (My mom asked me to go with to choose lumber for a project, so we were right by the saws).

Big animals usually like me.  I am decidedly a cat person (although I own a dog) because I prefer to hang out with my animals rather than constantly interact with them.   I like animals, I just don’t want to mess with them tons.  (See:  Maintenance, avoidance thereof)

(just for SSW)  Being over 35, I can do caffeine until about 5pm.  After that, it’s going to mean tossing-and-turning when it comes bedtime, no matter how tired I am.

3 thoughts on “Leibster Redux

  1. Elspeth

    I missed the redux. You really should include links.

    Will you believe that I completely forgot about that blog we had with Ace and Marky Mark? I know that one day the lightness with which I wear this blog thing is going to bite me on the you know what.

    How could I have forgotten about that, LOL?


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