The possible audiences to address:

1) Those who are not Christians, they don’t know Jesus yet.  I hope to bring some Light to these folks and show them even the teeniest part of how wonderful it is to belong to the Lord.  I hope to start the questions in their hearts that the Light can inspire, to give them a craving for Jesus.

2)  Those who are Christians, who love Jesus and want to please Him.  I want to walk with these folks and share our journeys together.  “When you go through the swamps, watch out for the mosquitoes!”  We have good stuff to offer one another – I’m here to offer my life, my walk, to be transparent so maybe it makes some part of your walk a little easier.

3)  To folks who are nominally Christians but don’t care about pleasing Jesus.  I hope I can inspire them to fall in love with our Lord and obey Him with all joy.  He’s where it’s at.  Sometimes we can get so mixed up and think that doing stuff on the outside will fix our insides.

Why isn’t my blog about “how to be a good Christian housewife”?  I have a homemakingish blog – although mostly I talk about sewing, but it’s not like, “here’s how to be a good wife”.  Other women do it, and they do it well.  It’s their calling.

I don’t want to argue with folks.  Either you love Jesus and you want to love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and body… and we can compare notes and learn from one another along that path – or you don’t.  If you don’t, maybe I can change your mind about Jesus.  But if you don’t have a soft heart to our Lord, all my arguments are useless… because that’s what they’re based on.  My worst rebuke is, “Do you think what you’re doing/saying is bringing glory to God?”

See, I don’t think you can build a good house without the right foundation.  I tried.  I tried that Sunday Christian dreck… and it was lousy.  I tried the outer righteousness bit, where I worked really hard on my outsides and “if I can just get this right, my world will be okay” … and that crumbled too.  The *only* foundation is Jesus.  So get your relationship with our Lord right and tight, and everything else will follow.  You’ll want to be good at being a good wife or husband – because you’ll want to please Jesus.  Love Jesus, then follow His commandments.   That’s the order He put it in, there’s probably a reason.

It’s not that the following part is unimportant.  It’s just that you have to have a reason to follow Him.  You have to be utterly sold out to Jesus, with the determination that NOTHING will pull you away from Him.  If you are… well, the rest *will* follow.

And I’m not pretending I’m there, that I’m perfect or I don’t have stuff to deal with.  I am far from perfect and I have lots of stuff.  But the thing is – I know it, I’m working on it, and the reason I’m *doing that* is because I want to please my Lord and Savior.

(I know there are people who take this as a reason to not work, and I don’t get that.  If you love Him, your actions will show it.  Generally I take those folks not-very-seriously.  If you care, put your money where your mouth is … or shut up.  One or the other, thanks).

So.  That’s why I write what I write – and don’t write.

6 thoughts on “Audiences

  1. Heather

    Wish there was a “LIKE x 10” button for this post

    My worst rebuke is, “Do you think what you’re doing/saying is bringing glory to God?”

    I fear that one of the most convincing arguments atheists can have against Christianity is the prideful, peripherally-focused bickering that goes on amongst professing Christians And often, we can become self-deceived into thinking we really are honoring God with our behavior because we have a pile of proof-texts which justify a harsh, self-serving approach to correcting a fellow believer (or non-believer, for that matter) 😦
    I suppose that is an easy thing for me to say as my way of arguing rarely, if ever, looks like name-calling or finger-pointing. It’s more attuned to the motivation of “Hey, my point was entirely misunderstood/misrepresented! Let me explain…” But pride is still the ultimate reason for prolonging a debate with someone who obviously isn’t listening anyway.

    The *only* foundation is Jesus. So get your relationship with our Lord right and tight, and everything else will follow. You’ll want to be good at being a good wife or husband – because you’ll want to please Jesus.


    BTW, I’ve been wanting to say how much I appreciate your non-combative attitude. Learning to lovingly build one another up in the Lord can be difficult, but is so much more effective than the “fleshly” inclination to tear others down.

    1. hearthie Post author

      -blush- Thank you, Heather.

      I have a lot of non-Christian friends, and that’s pretty much what they tell me. That they can’t take the hypocrisy. They don’t see beauty in our walks with God. They don’t see us exhibiting the love of Christ. (And I’m not asking ANYONE to marshmallow out, which is how that phrase is usually used, so don’t think I’m going there). They see us talking about rules to people who have little, if any, capacity to follow our rules and no interest.

      First the interest, then the rules. The rules are for me, for you, for Elspeth… because we love Jesus so much that we want to honor him with our every breath. And they’re such *good* rules and following them not only pleases Jesus but it makes the world a better place and usually our own lives better… that sometimes we get to the place where we sell the rules backwards. Because frankly we’d all like to live in a world where everyone followed the rules, because hey, that would be really nice.

      And we forget, because we’re locked in flesh-tents, that we *will* live in that world… but this ain’t it. That peace and prosperity and total fulfillment are ours. Have been given to us. But we don’t have our hands on them yet. In the far country, we all live in mansions. But we aren’t there. In this country… in this country our business is to live so that more folks avail themselves of those mansions, more folks come to know and serve our Lord. This world ain’t never gonna be made right. We make it better because we love Truth incarnate, but if following Him, doing what He says, if that doesn’t make our lives better… what of it? That’s not the point.

      It’s a subtle reordering of priorities, but I think it makes all the difference in the world.

      1. Heather

        Well said.
        And no, you don’t sound as though you are promoting marshmallow-ism. My husband and I were recently discussing the equally wrong opposites of practicing “grace” apart from truth and of pummeling folks with justice while withholding the message of mercy.

        Both extremes are deadly as the one allows us to ignore the need for forgiveness and the other prevents us from seeing Christ as the solution to our guilt. Balance is key and godly wisdom is necessary to know how to answer any individual situation.

  2. Elspeth

    Whoa. You whipped that post up quick, LOL.

    And to the entire thing I offer a hearty Amen. We are all called to different functions in the body.

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