First World Problems

“Be thankful for everything”  “In everything give thanks” “Be anxious for nothing”

I think God wants us to thank Him for EVERYTHING.

In Corrie Ten Boom’s classic novel, The Hiding Place, she tells about her sister encouraging her to be thankful for *everything* – in their case, that included the fleas that infested their sleeping quarters in the concentration camp.  Turned out later that those fleas kept the guards from doing the inspections they were supposed to do.

Be thankful for *everything*.

I feel embarrassed about being thankful for anything right now.   But it is what it is – I’ve had some of my first world problems thrown into perspective.  And I am grateful.

There are whole categories of stuff I’d fuss and nag and fret about in my life.  I just don’t have time or emotional energy.  I’m grateful.

My body is getting stronger and I’m *really enjoying* my necessary self-care time.  I am grateful.

I’m working with my husband on a problem… it’s fun to work with him.  I am grateful.

I’m doing some growing up… and I am grateful.  Also I’m too busy to focus on the growing pains, which is nice.  😉

I am grateful.  Filled up with gratitude.  Well.  Gratitude and chamomile/lavender tea.  I didn’t SAY I wasn’t stressed… lol.  Just that I’m grateful too.

6 thoughts on “First World Problems

  1. ballista74

    Good post. I think people tend to find things to get upset over when they can’t see how fortunate they are. Other than that, I couldn’t resist:

  2. cecilhenry

    YOu keeping ignoring the invasion and Genocide of your society and you’ll have third world problems soon enough.

    So don’t fret too much.


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