Separation and Simplicity

Next Lesson:  I can help folks and love on ’em without stressing just ’cause they’re stressed.  It’s not my fault they’re unhappy, I don’t have to carry it.  I can love them and bring joy and serve them without tying myself up in knots.  Um, theoretically.  😉

These thoughts are a bit patchworky, come along and tell me if you can make sense out of my process.

The Lord is our shield.  K.

We are instructed to carry the shield of faith.  K.

How does that work?  Well.  If I were carrying a shield into battle, if I had total faith in the efficacy of the shield to keep me safe, I wouldn’t be forever examining the shield to see if it had split because of a particularly nasty arrow-strike, I’d just keep moving and about my business.

So.  If the Lord is *my* shield, and the shield is faith, maybe what I’m supposed to do is have total faith in God’s ability to handle the arrows whizzing by and stop worrying about stuff other than what’s in front of me.   (Would you like a half-dozen verses condemning worry/anxiety/fear?)

Maybe God can handle what He puts in front of me, too.  Hm.

Life Stuff:  On Friday, BFF started chemo.  On Friday, my husband had a rotten day at work.  Me?  Oh, I went to the beach with the daughter, then we had a mini-picnic with lemonade at the park and sat on the swings.

There’s a lot of me that wants to feel really rotten about that.  You only have to poke my shoulders to see that I’m stressed… but as stressed as they are?  No.  And I love those two more than I love anyone else on this planet.  I should suffer with them.  Shouldn’t I?  Er.  Maybe not.  Can I make my husband’s work easier by denying myself sand and sun?  Can I heal my BFF’s cancer by avoiding lemonade?  Nope.

In fact, my proper work for Friday *was* getting my daughter out for some exercise (or so says the state of CA), and we all enjoyed the lemonade that she made.   I did my job – and that day, my job was pretty nice.  (Most of my life is pretty nice, I’m blessed and I know it).

It feels frivolous and heartless to enjoy what I have in front of me.  Other people hurt.  But I my pleasure hurts no one.  In fact… in fact… if I focus on being grateful for what I’ve been given, if I focus on the joy of the everyday, maybe I can bring more light to the people who I have been given.

If I separate myself – my business, my heart – from the world, from the craziness around me, if I simplify my life to looking up to my God to worship, looking around for people to bless, and spending more time enjoying my life… well, maybe I might end up being more effective.


This Christian living thing might be simpler than it appears….

3 thoughts on “Separation and Simplicity

  1. Elspeth

    I think it’s a common struggle, to draw back the impulse to smile when someone you love is hurting. It feels as if you’re betraying them somehow. They aren’t laughing, so I shouldn’t either.

    But that’s not life is it?

  2. Maeve

    Actually, seeing others living with joy can be a relief. When all you see is your own pain it’s easy to crumble in on yourself. Joy has contagious qualities – of the best kind.


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