God’s Got This

I’m hurting today.  My BFF has cancer and every time we get news, it seems like the news gets worse.  Other stuff going on, just normal stressors that show up because you’re alive.  It’s been a really tense month … and it seems like most of the people I know are going through similar times.  

But because I’m a woman of faith, I keep my eyes open… always looking for the “why” and “how is God working through this” and watching to see how God’s orchestra of life brings in one instrument or another at a particular time and place for a particular reason.

I’ve already seen a couple of things start blooming out of K’s cancer diagnosis, and some really unexpected harmonics are happening.  It’s God’s timing.  He’s got this.

It’s hard.  So HARD to rest in Him and the head-knowledge that He does love us, more than we love ourselves, more than we love each other… and that He won’t ever waste our pain or the rocky places we struggle through.   He will work things ’round so that we’re just gaping at His awesomeness and His glory and His love.

But.  We have to watch and keep our eyes peeled, so that we can appreciate the whole symphony… not just the bits that we find most pleasant or most impressive.  

That doesn’t change that quite frankly, I’m a mess today.  I’m stressed, my shoulders are tight, I didn’t sleep well.  But this will pass.  This is going to be a rocky day – we’re going off to the doc for the Big Appointment, where the treatment plan gets laid out and questions get asked, etc.  Is it fun?  No.  But we’ll come out the other side.  God *does* have this sorted, and if He’s allowing it, it’s for a reason.  Probably reasons, plural.  He’s like that.

I know that.  I trust Him totally.  It still hurts, but I trust my Lord.

God’s got this.

10 thoughts on “God’s Got This

    1. hearthie Post author

      If you knew her it would be “our” and she’s a Christian, so it’s all good. I’m going to indulge my sentimentalism tonight when I’m a total mess and do a homage post over at TBL.

      Thank you so much for praying.

  1. Jenny

    I’m reading a book on suffering right now by Timothy Keller and found a quote for you.
    “There is a purpose for it (suffering), and if faced rightly, it can drive us like a nail deep into the love of God and into more stability and spiritual power than you can imagine.”

    1. hearthie Post author

      I put details in the TC prayer list, but it was a long day. She looked 2×4’d and her husband looked worse by the time it was done. I don’t look much better – my husband is buying ice cream, and I know he’s triggered ’cause he lost both his parents to cancer.

      This too will pass. But dang it’s not fun while it lasts.

  2. expatdeborah

    I’m so sorry you and your friend are going through this, Hearthie. I just said a prayer for all of you.


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