Hide your light under a bushel – No!

We all have reasons to be joyful, we all have things that we can bring to the great buffet table of life, but modern culture either encourages us to bury our joys or magnify our smallest talents to the heights.  The Christian way is to make the best of what we’ve been given, accept that we were given it in the first place, and let it shine.

Enthusiasm and joy … sometimes I find myself hiding how excited I get about things, or about special opportunities that I’ve been given that I cannot share, because I don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings.   I hope you’ve enjoyed me bouncing at you about the fish – there were years I wouldn’t have done that, because not everyone lives on the coast of Southern California.

But what of it?  I didn’t move here, I was born here.   Nothing about Hearthrose is so awesome that she should get to see dolphins.  No, that was a *gift*.  And every time I see them, I can hardly hold in the delight.  I can’t teleport you to my side so that you can see them with me.  But I can tell you about it, and maybe you can share the joy?

Perhaps it’s merely selfish, but I’d dearly like to see everyone I know practice their God-given skills to the hilt.  We don’t need to compete with one another.  Competing only with ourselves, and dancing in the joy that comes with living in the light.    Stop hiding your light – and stop trying to get me to hide mine so I’m not “too much”.

Play with me!

5 thoughts on “Hide your light under a bushel – No!

  1. gmaali

    enthusiasm and joy are not my trade mark emotions – but I must say your words are making me think…today’s post was partially inspired by stuff you said the other day and part other things that have been resurfacing. Danny went in the ocean Saturday. Santa Monica so not as nice as corona del mar – but still. I was a bit jealous… XD

    1. hearthie Post author

      I was reading your post as this popped up. 🙂 Coolness! Hey, I’m in O’side, I think Santa Monica is nicer.

      I’ve been writing/thinking about this so much lately, as I have been continually challenged to get my light out from under the bushel. And then I look around me, and think, “Wow. If we all got over our need to hide, and we all really worked to be our best (it’s not instant) and we all spoke about the Lord and our love for Him… how much better this world would be.”

      How much more people would know about those who truly love the Lord vs. those who mouth His holy Name! Maybe we could even get a few more folks to fall in love with our Savior? But we can’t *do* that if we hide, if we shutter the windows to our souls.

      Driving me bonkers. The fish, however, are feeding my joy, and that means I aim more at YOU! 😀


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