Christians – anyone who has accepted the gift of salvation by faith through the sacrifice of Christ’s blood on the cross – are free.  Free of what?  We’re free of condemnation – we’re free of the weight of worrying about being “good enough” or “holy enough” – forever.

I am not holy or good in my self.  Nothing I can do can make me holy.  But Jesus died for me, washed me in His blood, and now I am holy – because He says so.  That’s all.  Nothing to do with me.

So, since I didn’t create my holiness, I don’t have to maintain my holiness.  I can’t de-maintain my holiness either.  (I can create grievous distance between myself and God, which has consequences, but that’s another essay).

What does that mean?  What does a free person do?

It means that because I don’t have to worry about whether or not I’m accepted – I can pour out my acceptance on those around me.  I don’t have to worry about if I am loved – I can pour out my love on those around me.  I can accept that Jesus is the Light of the world and that He is in me, and that therefore, I have Light to share.

A free person should be *busy* loving those around them, in other words.  Serve the Family of Christ, serve your neighbors, show God’s glory and truth to the world at large.  It’s ***so dark*** out there.   We have work to do.  And it is a delight.  It is JOY to be involved in the work of sharing God’s love.  The farther you go in this project, the more wonderful it is.  At first it’s uncomfortable – joy is uncool and being openly Christian is uncool too – but then you find that you start making differences in people’s lives, even small ones… and hooray!  And you see the changes Christ is making in your heart, and hallelujiah!  And even in the pain and the suffering that this world brings … you still have a joy-source.

We are His hands and His feet and His mouth in this world.  If we the Body – we should submit our bodies to His mastery and get busy showing others the way Home.

Rejoice in your freedom!

6 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. gmaali

    I will comment here too! 😀
    Hey H –
    I read the post and I see that is where you are at. And since I know you personally I know you are good peoples and if you say people are good people I know they are good peoples – ya know? lol
    But here is the thing about it. The reason I have such an issue with this topic is my husband (mostly) and others (partly) take the type of things you are saying and read it it as – I have an automatic A++ in the class called life on earth – no need to study! I can’t change my level of holiness through anything I do on my own anyhow.
    And so many people. Stop. Right. There.
    I think of it more as a class I am taking because I want to learn, do, apply, understand, appreciate. If I took guitar lessons – would I be happy that I passed a class? I can read a music staff? I can remember the difference between an A chord and a C? Or would I be happy if I could pick up a guitar and play a song? I am here to play.
    I understand that you personally DO study and you are on it and working out there nurturing people, showing people a servant’s heart. Spreading the love.
    And I know I do not need to work harder or do more – but I want to! I want to learn and grow. It is not a have to – it is a want to. And the way I understand the blood of Yeshua is what seals your marriage certificate – getting married is not the goal – it is just the beginning of a lifetime of learning how to love, how to accept your lover’s advances, how to delight and honor your lover, how to communicate your fears, your hopes, how to apologize – all of that. ya know?

    So in a sense you are right in that nothing you can do would make you “more married” but being more married is not the goal.

    1. hearthie Post author

      You know, I agree with everything you said here. Everything. I serve from love, I obey from love – but isn’t that what He told us to do?

      What I see too many folks doing is substituting law for love – pick your law, any law. “If I do this, I’m cool”. The flip side of that is “I reallly messed up and I’m worthless forever” – which is the very opposite of the grace we’ve been given. (And I know you know that – but you’ve seen it too). We allow rules or self-hatred to chain us down and then we *don’t* serve – either because we’re proud (or OCD) about our clean hands – or because we don’t think we’re good enough. So one less pair of hands working, one less voice singing the Lord’s praises – one more person making other people sour on Christianity instead of seeing how transformative it is. It’s the Pharisees and the dill seed – Jesus was happy that they tithed it… but they went OCD on mint leaves and left the heart of the tithe, the heart of charity, completely out in the dust. And He wasn’t happy about *that* at all.

      We are free … for a purpose. Why not fly high? Well, you fly… 🙂

      I’m glad you came over and chatted with me. Me casa es su casa. 😀

  2. gmaali

    how funny that we can frame the same argument from both sides of the fence, But keep in mind that I was specifically called out of the church by the Spirit. I know it sounds odd – but honestly. While I was reading about the abominations shown to Ezekiel. It was clear as day to me. I told my husband I will never go to a Sunrise service again. Period. Now, sadly I am in a bit of a limbo – no hallmark days. none. For me there is no compromise there. But the biblical holidays are tough to enjoy alone…

    1. hearthie Post author

      That’s why I gave up trying, excepting Passover… which is absurdly easy if you don’t eat bread *any* day of the year. There’s supposed to be a rhythm to feasts/fasts, and I’m off the beat. 😦 And communal – they have to be communal. Yay, I have a palm frond. Okay… now what?

      I don’t doubt that you were called to leave the church. Was it forever or for a season? Were, perhaps, the churches in your area going through something that would have corrupted your spirit? We don’t have to know *why* – we do have to obey. I was out of my birth church three times running when they lost the pastor through scandal – and once at my current church. I never had to be there for that, and thank you Lord.

      But if I could give you something back, it would be joy. I know your heart aches… well. We could go on for ages, I’ve missed you! I followed your tag back last night, so I feel all warm and smushy knowing you didn’t just stop blogging. (Won’t comment). Write me and we can chat at length if you’d like.

      ((soft hugs))


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