Family vs. Strangers

All Christians are de-facto family.  We’re children of God, that makes us siblings.   That might not make you totally thrilled, the thought that you are going to spend eternity with me… but it is as it is.  I’m sure it will be more fun after God gets through perfecting us.  😉

Family is where you let your hair down.  You can squabble a bit, or argue about the really most awesome place to put the TV remote… but you’ve got each others’ backs.  You’re family!

So it is with us Christians.  I might argue with one of my sibs over some point of doctrine for our mutual edification – iron sharpens iron and all that – but we understand that we’re both under God’s authority.  It places a limit on our quarrels.  (Mostly.  It should, anyway).  

What should family do for one another?  Well, we should support each other, love each other, encourage each other, build each other up.

But non-Christians aren’t family, so we need to be on best behavior around them. Our job is not to sharpen them, it is to show the glory of God our Father and introduce them so maybe they can join the family.  

Different groups, different jobs.


Just something to think about.  Well, that and the bit where we’re stuck with each other for all eternity, so we should a) enjoy that and b) remember that when we interact one with another.

6 thoughts on “Family vs. Strangers

  1. Velvet

    The pastor who ushered my husband through his conversion described the scenario like any other family – – there’s grandparents, sweet and doting, and the wives and husbands in various conditions of marriage, there’s the mean girl cousins, there’s the obnoxious drunk uncle, there’s the standoffish but interesting group of married-ins – but ultimately, they’re yours, because they’re His. There are differences and squabbles, but the food’s good, and we work it out.

    For those who aren’t a part of the family – we present a united front. Smiles. Joy. It isn’t fake, it’s an opportunity to remind ourselves how eternally good we’ve got it. The posture informs the spirit, once again.

    Love this post, Sister Sweetpea.

  2. Elspeth

    How did I miss this yesterday??? Too busy playing referee I suppose. Either way…Love it!

    And love my pale Christian sisters, too. Both of you.

  3. Fringed

    I’m not into squishiness, but I very much like this post. If only the churchians I’ve met would put this into practice…..


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