Don’t bother self-justifying

Either you’re in the right with God or you’re not.

If you are, then God will see justice done (one way or t’other) and you’re forbidden to seek it on your own behalf.

If you aren’t… then you need to get right with God and then whoever else.

Regardless, the mental conversations you have in your head, where you explain to the mythical “others” how you were right in what you did, or how you were terribly wronged, or… whatever… are totally unnecessary. (Am I the only one who has conversations in their heads?)

If you are hurt – say, “Wow, that hurt”.  You don’t have to excuse things away to forgive them.  You don’t have to pretend that you’re not hurt, not damaged.  All you have to do is not seek your own revenge, and to forgive the debt, because your debts have been forgiven.

You don’t have to be in control and “make” the other person do the right thing.  You’re not in control, God is. 

That’s the key.  God’s in control, you’re not.  Be right with Him at all times (okay, that’s the goal) and let Him worry about it.  Not your pay grade.

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