Meaningless Sentence, Decoded

Something random that bugs me…. these days you hear a lot of people looking for a religion that fits them.  What?  So – the answer to “what is the purpose of life? and What happens when we die?” changes for each person?

I mean – you’re seriously saying that when you die, you’re going to reincarnate as a turtle – because that’s what you believe is going to happen, where Elsa will just poof into nonexistence because that’s what *she* believes will happen, and I’ll be in Heaven, because that’s what *I* believe is going to happen?


Because I’m totally good with you saying that you’re right and I’m wrong.  I’m even good with the theory that we’re both wrong – it’s logically possible, after all.  But we can’t both be right.

No, what you’re really saying is that it doesn’t matter all that much, because something nice is sure to happen and there’s no sense worrying about it.  Just do what feels good.  If that’s what you believe, please be honest and say so.  I’ll think that you’re wrong, but that’s okay.  You think that my Heaven and Hell are archaic – aka you think I’m wrong – too.

Or maybe you don’t think eternity is important.  I’m not sure how you can believe in eternity and not think it’s important.  That makes my head hurt.   Maybe you don’t reallllly believe in eternity, you believe in Heaven the way my kids used to believe in Santa Claus?  Something that would be nice if true but if not, whatever?  You’re not worried about coal in your stocking, at any rate.  Because if Santa is real, he gives gifts to all the children, even the naughty ones.  Or it wouldn’t be *Christmas*.

Erm.  God’s not Santa Claus.  He’s Justice incarnate.  Pretty much all religions believe that, although they vary about what is and is not just.

Arguing against fog is very nearly impossible.  And so that’s tonight’s random rant.  Pick a position, any position.  But please think it out and make it your own.   It *does* matter – and that’s why you have to start somewhere.  And that’s why I’m decoding the “well, just pick a religion that fits you” statement.  We pick religions because we believe that they give us the truth, not because they are comfy and fit our lifestyle.  That’s why you pick a sweatshirt, not a god.

Something is true.  I know what I believe to be true.  Do you?  Have you ever thought it through?


5 thoughts on “Meaningless Sentence, Decoded

  1. superslaviswife

    “And that’s why I’m decoding the “well, just pick a religion that fits you” statement. We pick religions because we believe that they give us the truth, not because they are comfy and fit our lifestyle. That’s why you pick a sweatshirt, not a god.”

    I trust in picking your own faith, but for a different reason to most people. I think everyone has experienced something beyond our existence in their lives. But I can’t decide what it is. Is it God? Is it the Devil trying to convince me he’s God? Is it Shiva or Krishna? Is it an angel or a djinn? Is it just a force of nature, as unseeing of us as we are of it, that sometimes “bumps” into our reality? I have felt it and I don’t know what it is. I wouldn’t want to give it a name that’s not its own, or believe it’s God if there’s a Devil it could be as well. I believe in it for whatever it is; the same way I can’t help believing in the sky, or the colour green, or cats. It’s definitely greater than all of them, but it’s also as real as they are. But I can’t put a name to it.

    And if you follow what modern science understands about dimensions, it’s wholly possible that there are many, many different worlds around us all the time. Are they Heaven and Hell? Or a thousand new worlds? Will we ever go to them? Is there an eternal life or just a series of mortal ones? It’s possible that some people die and go to Heaven as you imagine it, but that some die and return to Earth, or a place like Earth. Maybe these beings that interact with humans live in one of the dimensions we know interact with ours, but that we can’t directly observe as we do the three or four dimensions of our world? Maybe there are spiritual dimensions linked to our dimension, so that God is all around us and within us, yet unseen unless we look for Him?

    I seriously don’t know. I know there’s something more because I’ve experienced it and not even science can deny the existence of other “levels” to our reality, whatever you want to call them. But the more I learn about these things, the harder I find it to choose a side. It’s like being offered coffee and sugar as a replacement for chocolate. Both are close, but not QUITE what I have experienced, not QUITE right.

    1. hearthie Post author

      Well – hang out and ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard ones. You’ve already gotten somewhere, which is, “There’s something, and I don’t want to blaspheme by mis-identifying what that something is”.

      I do believe in spiritual experience (on both sides of the fence) and that it still happens today, so I’m not going to tut-tut and poo-poo you or what happened or what you sense away.

      FWIW, you might find Chuck Missler interesting – particularly his series’ on Genesis and Revelation. He talks a lot about God as multidimensional. Why wouldn’t He be? He created the dimensions, so necessarily He is outside of them. Jesus is within the dimensions, but does it follow that His resurrected body is merely three dimensional? The accounts of the gospels post-resurrection don’t seem to indicate that is true, nor does Paul’s statement that we will have to be in new bodies of our own to “see Him as He is”.

      1. superslaviswife

        Missler’s done a lot of work. 😮 Where should I start?

        And I definitely think that, if there is a Creator of everything, that He would be infinite and multidimensional. Yet the only place without Him would be Chaos and I definitely believe such a place is also possible. Some Christians also believe in Chaos (and that Hell is located there), but others believe God created enough order to turn Chaos around. What’s your angle on it? Is there anywhere where God’s eyes and love couldn’t reach?

        I think the soul is the part of us that inhabits the same level as whatever else there is that is spiritual. So, in Christian terms, it would be that there is a God dimension. Whilst God exists everywhere, there is one level or dimension where there is nothing but God. This may be Heaven or may be one of the dimensions of Heaven (just as “up” is both a dimension of our world and our world itself). Our soul is part of that dimension and will return to it eventually, unless it’s cast into Chaos. But how can I know that there aren’t other dimensions we can pass through first? Ones where God exists? How can I know that this life is the only time for spiritual development? Or maybe if we develop enough in one life, we go directly back home, so it’s about how far we come spiritually, not how many eons it takes us to get there? I seriously don’t know. All I know is that there’s so much more than this life and this world and that I’m still finding it impossible to imagine the vastness of existence.

        I can’t seem to think of the right questions yet. The answers will be there, but I need to find out the right questions. Too much to find out and too little context. I’ll have to think about this some more.

      2. hearthie Post author

        When I speak of dimensions, I wasn’t speaking in the sci-fi sense, but more the scientific sense. So we live in three dimensions (length, breadth, depth) while traveling along a fourth (time). At the very least, God is outside those dimensions. Are there more? Might be. The physicists think there might be 10 or so… We know that Jesus was able to do things (like get through locked doors) after His resurrection that aren’t possible in three dimensions.

        As for Hell, yes I believe in a literal Hell. And that it is both a place and a spiritual state. Chaos? No. I don’t believe in Chaos. Well. The second law of thermodynamics, yes. 😉 I don’t think entropy will necessarily always obtain, that might be part of the Curse of Adam, you know?

        I do believe that there is part of this world that we can’t see. The spirit world, if you will. That’s straight out of Ephesians chapter 6 – angels and demons etc are spirit beings and aren’t perceptible to mortal eyes in most cases. That doesn’t mean they’re not THERE. And it’s why Christians are utterly forbidden to mess about with anything occultic. “There be dragons”.

        Missler: If you want to get in the fun stuff, check out his Genesis series, at least the first bits. He’s seriously crazy (in a good way), and talks like he’s eaten a bag of espresso beans prior to doing the talks. 🙂 I had my 13yo son listen to them just recently, he enjoyed them enough that he’s listening to Numbers now. Linkie:

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