Why I don’t argue about the Rapture much any more:

1) No one who is going is going to miss it, regardless of their position on the issue.  There’s no reason to get heated.  You also don’t have to pack!  Not taking anything with you.  🙂

2)  BTDT, got the t-shirt.  I know what my position is, and why it is – all my arguing served the purpose of solidifying that belief.  But done now.

3) That said… I’m not wrapped up in being right or wrong.  See #1.  If Jesus chooses to have a mid-Trib Rapture or skip it altogether, He’s in charge.   My arguing changes what?  

4)  Being pre-Trib makes me that much more eager to pursue personal holiness and evangelism – but it doesn’t affect my life in any other ways that I can think of. 

So that’s why I don’t fuss about it much.   But I *am* pre-Trib, and I’m really looking forward to it!  Just so you know.  😉


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