We’ve already won

The Lord has already had the victory… we’re just hanging out until the final surrender happens.

It’s ugly down here while the enemy troops do their best to kill as many civilians as they can manage.  They’ve got many a person convinced that the King’s not coming back, that the dawn will never come.

But we know that’s all a lie.  We’ve already got our homes.  We’ve already got the victory.  And we can get as many of those civilians armored up in the Lord’s colors as will do so.  We can get those of our soldiers who have lost their swords up and moving again.  We *can* keep moving.

Sometimes *we* forget that we’ve already won.  Or if we remember, the horror of the battlefield makes it hard to rest in that truth and act like conquerors.    But ’tis true.  Remind each other, siblings.  And hold your heads up.  No matter how bad it gets, the King will be here soon!

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