What can we do?

I had the rare treat of going to see Chuck Missler in person today.  (I know, geeeeeeek fest).  I expected a prophecy update.  That’s not quite what I got, and that’s interesting.  I mean, this is Chuck Missler for heaven’s sake!  The man lives and breaths prophecy!  Didn’t discuss a squink of it until the Q&A session, and then he tried to spend more of his time on the main subject at hand, which was “so what do we do now”.

What he did talk about was the seven letters to the churches in the book of Revelation.   He talked about church history, and how the folks that really cared about Jesus and the gospel above all else got in trouble with the rest of the church.  That this was normal.  He encouraged us to get into home fellowships, and to teach one another and encourage one another in our missionary activities.  (Assuming that all of us, as Christians, are missionaries).

There’s more, but that was the gist of the presentation.  I have reading to do, lol. Tonight my pastor hit it out of the park with a sermon about the first and second commandments – love the Lord thy God, and love thy neighbor as thyself.  Talked about “who is our neighbor” – and then he talked about the verse after it, how the scribe who asked the question was, “close to the kingdom of God” BUT NOT IN IT.

And all of that brings me ’round to a discussion on E’s site, where I got a bit ranty and said “If we could just say to people, ‘Jesus said do it this way’ and then help them follow His commands, we’d be hooked up”.  But that’s the THING.  People don’t care what Jesus said.  Sometimes they don’t care because they’re close to the Kingdom of God (and are pretending to be part of it) but don’t really care about submitting their lives to the King.  In which case, what can *I* do with that person?  The problem isn’t their behavior, the problem is their (lack of a) relationship with Christ.  I can tell you to obey Jesus until I’m blue in the face and explain what you should do… but if *you don’t love Him* it’s totally pointless.  Sometimes they plain don’t know Him and don’t care to – so again, what the heck?  My arguments are based on Biblical values.  If your value is “I do what I want to do ’cause I want to” – well, hey.  You go do that.  Even Paul will let you have at if you’re unsaved.  It won’t work out well, but … that’s how people come to Christ a lot of the time, they hit rock bottom and finally give up doing things their way.  That’s how *I* surrendered.

We’re going about this backwards.  I totally get it.  Our society is a muckpit (being polite) and it’s gross and I want to fix it too.  But the thing is – we can’t fix the outsides of people whose insides don’t belong to our Lord.  We say, “God likes you to do this” and they say, “whatevs”.

FIRST we must get them to Christ.  FIRST.  So first we have to show them God’s love and what it *really means* to be a Christian.  Not that we have weird rules for ourselves, but that we are willing to love them *right where they are right now* and keep praying for them and hoping for Christ to change them and having faith that the Holy Spirit is working in their hearts and lives.

I’m sorry.  I wish I believed that we could change this society from the outside in, that we could make people sane again.  But I don’t.  The only thing we can bring them is Jesus.

Yeah, in the meantime loving them means helping them find sanity and get closer to the Light.  But that’s not the end.  The end is agape-ing them *because that is what our Lord commands us to do* and giving them the good news that they can be filled up with this crazy, insane, doesn’t-make-sense love TOO.

Guys – they don’t want our denim prairie skirts, even though mine are tots awesome.  They just don’t.  But a lot of them don’t know a DANG thing about love.  Go talk to a non-Christian and come home and cry yourself to sleep.  I have.

We have Love.  We *have* to share it.  What if tomorrow – tonight – is our last chance to do so?  What if we’re the last person on the “might do the right thing” list?   We have Love.  We have Light.  And it doesn’t matter what they say about us.  It doesn’t matter what they do to us.  It matters that we share the Love and Light that was given to us by the grace of God.

We *have* things to do.  Let’s not get distracted along the way.

8 thoughts on “What can we do?

    1. Maeve

      Jenny, you had a post like this of sorts recently, didn’t you? About “annoying Christians” (I’m trying to recall). Your post really resonated with me because I can recall that a long time ago I had a priest who was forever lecturing that our actions and our voices needed to be making people want to say “tell me more! tell me why you are as you are” and not “let’s get away from them; they’re so strange; I don’t ever want to be like that”. I’m trying to recall exactly how he put it. But both your post and my recollection of the sermon(s) seemed to dovetail somewhat with Hearthie’s position that the only way to bring change is to change hearts.

      Which, at least for me, leads to the following: and what, exactly is it about us that would make anyone want to even consider asking “why?” and thinking that maybe they could have a change of heart too?

      1. Maeve

        I’m supposed to be working (!) but this topic keeps rolling around in my head.
        I guess I’m less concerned with how “perfect” we appear to be, but rather whether or not people can see something is us that they want for themselves. This is coming out really badly.
        I guess I would hope that what I display in my actions, words, demeanor, and appearance is that I have something wonderful in my life; something that makes my time here on this earth worthwhile and valuable; something that more often makes me a “blessing” to others than a “curse”. I KNOW that that “something” is my faith; I want it to be visible in a way that attracts that same desire for “that something” – faith in others.

        Hearthie, if I’m headed off on a tangent, I apologize, but this is bugging me like crazy and has been since I read Jenny’s post and this one. And I can’t quite get the concept fleshed out the way I want to.

      2. hearthie Post author

        Tangent? Exactly the opposite. That’s what I’m trying to get at. And … yes. There will be more about this soon. You may expect this comment to be mined. 🙂

        What is our mission? (I have the answer to this question). If we know our mission, how then do we get there?

      3. Maeve

        LOL Hearthie – mine all you want!

        I have one more thought and then I am absolutely, positively, going back to work!

        Some time ago, in a comment on a blog (and I don’t remember whose blog it was) a person (and, again I can’t remember who it was, or even if it was a man or woman) made the statement that he/she did not engage in conversation/comment with people who weren’t Christians. And I was completely aghast at that perspective. I mean, what good is our faith, what good was His sacrifice for us, if we only keep to ourselves? And what does it say about the faith of someone who cannot or will not engage with a person who does not share his/her faith? Is that person so weak in his/her faith that there is fear of having to discuss it? But worse – and this is why I think it ties somewhat into your post – no person was ever led to Christ by a Christian refusing to talk to or interact with him. No person has ever been led to Christ because a Christian determined that those who have yet to encounter Christ are unworthy of his/her attention – as though they’re of a lesser caste and are to be avoided at all costs.

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