Faith and Prayer

Just keep praying.

Elspeth has a post up about hard converts vs. lifetime churchmembers that’s well worth reading.

The church I attend has a very high percentage of adult converts.  It is humbling to hear the number of “interesting testimonies” in our ranks – and to see the faith radiate off of them. The folks whose pre-Christian choices radiate bad stuff into their lives, but they accept it, pray against it, pray for strength, and keep moving.  The depth of their love for our Lord is amazing.  Their faith is so strong, and so good.  It is glorious.

Someone was praying for each of those adult converts.  For all the research that most Christians came to Christ before they were old enough to buy alcohol, adults DO come to Christ.  There are no lost causes.  We need to not treat our friends and family members as if they’re on the enemy team – no matter what.  They’re humans, and humans all have the potential to come to Christ.  To change, to turn their lives around.  We are Christians, and to be Christian is to believe in miracles.

Perhaps you’ve given them the gospel, witnessed and debated and they’re tired of hearing it.  Keep living Christ out in front of them, and let your actions do the preaching.  And don’t stop praying.  You *know* that God’s will is that they come to Him, so you know that prayer pleases God.  Pray.  The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much… be fervent in your prayers for the lost.   Don’t lose hope.  We’re supposed to have hope as a gift of the Holy Spirit.  Pray for hope and belief for yourself!  Pray for perseverance for yourself, that you are strong to continue in prayer on their behalf.  Hold fast to the gospel and the truth, don’t get wishy-washy to please them.

And if you were blessed, as I was blessed, to grow up in the church, to grow up in a family of believers, thank God for that blessing.  Because your life (even if there might be an excess of jello salad) is a lot better than it might have been.  You might have made foolish choices, but you *knew* the truth.   And if you’re reading this, you probably came home.  And how blessed it is to be at home with our Lord.

Have faith, keep praying – you don’t know what work the Lord is doing on the inside of those hearts around you.


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