Hypocrisy is way too easy: Jello Salad Edition

Do you have any idea how easy it would be for me to play at being the perfect little Christian housewife?

I grew up in the Baptist church.  Saved at 4.  Baptized at 6.  AWANA through Jr. High – and I volunteered in AWANA through HS.

I’m married to my HS sweetheart.  We married 1 year after my graduation from a four-year college.  Five years after that, we bought a house.  Five years after that, we were delivered of our first child.  Three and a half years later, another joined.  Two kids, boy and girl.  I’m a stay-at-home-mom who homeschools and cooks from scratch and reads theology for fun.   I read my Bible every day, pray and serve in a minor capacity in my local church.

And I have well over 100 recipes for jello salad.  😉

Other than, perhaps, the variety of jello salad – this is what we call a life “win”.  You know what my old church didn’t really care about?  They didn’t care about my heart.  Outward obedience was everything.  Now, I’m all for obedience – just take a read through my older posts.  But making all with the nice and keeping everything superficial, keeping everyone outside and the problems in life wrapped safe and warm ’round your heart of hearts… that’s HYPOCRISY.

I don’t want to be a “whitewashed tomb” or a clean-looking cup filled with filth.

Nothing was wrong with how I was grown and trained… until *I* chose not to follow God, but follow my own will while taking the easy path of non-confrontation.  Want to know a life-truth?  So long as you give the World what it wants to see, you can do anything you want.  The World wanted a smart young woman who went to college and that’s what it got.  There were plenty of teachers at my HS who knew that I was hypocrite #1… they didn’t care.  Freaked one out pretty badly by working at  local craft store while going to JC though.  You’d think I’d knifed her.

But Christianity isn’t about being clean on the outside… until after you’re clean on the inside.  It looks like the stuff that Christians do is what matters, but it’s not.  It’s the relationship we have with Christ that matters, because He’s the one who cleans us up, starting on the inside.

So I want to talk about the inside of my cup, the inside of my life.  And I don’t want to talk about the outside, and I don’t really want to share my recipes for jello salad (unless you  ask).  You can get that elsewhere.   I want to be so real, so raw, that you, my reader, are prodded in the spots you’ve hidden away, the ones you want to think that no one else has.  The weak places that we “good Christians” aren’t supposed to have.  ‘Cause we are all tots perfect already.  -rolls eyes-

AND I want to do that without telling you things you don’t need to know about my life.  If you’re waiting for some sort of internet confessional, keep clicking your mouse – it won’t be here.  This is ideas not memories.   Now, not past.

I told my husband that I was working hard on being more transparent, more honest.  He laughed.  Told me that I was the kind of girl who sat in the corner chewing her nose (those are his words) after making sure that everyone else was happy.  And that is entirely true.  It is very, VERY easy for me to do that.  To be quiet, to not make any waves or say anything or stir the pot.  I don’t have to think about it.  It comes naturally.

BUT… I’ve left that town and I’m on my way to Truth.  The journey begins.

10 thoughts on “Hypocrisy is way too easy: Jello Salad Edition

  1. Elspeth

    Well I have a testimony nothing like this, LOL. And I have told enough about myself that I couldn’t even pretend to be the perfect little Christian housewife if I tried (much that didn’t need to be shared, in fact).

    So I’m feeling you here, while still find myself thinking, “Hearth is good and great and a true Titus 2 role model, while I’m struggling to be one.”

    Looking forward to learning as you learn.

    1. hearthie Post author

      Ah, but people come to you for Titus 2 questions. Seriously you’re the Titus 2 gal around here. I’m going off somewhere else, and I figure it should be useful but it’s not going to be normal. What else is new? 😉

  2. infowarrior1

    In the end white washed tombs crumble and reveal the filth inside. But when one is genuinely unpretentious knowing that they are sinners. But striving to follow the will of God and being sanctified. The latter person’s end is better than the former.

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  4. elleberra

    I’m one of those folks who find it really easy to sit in back and listen and never say a word. Not sure I would be making sure anyone else is ok though.

    I do tend to think most of you guys especially Lori, Elspeth, and Hearthie are “better” than me. For one thing it sounds like you guys manage to actually keep your houses clean…and teach your kids…and cooks…AND…

    I’m still working on the house cleaning thing. But that is all appearances too….and I remember what Jesus had to say to Martha.

    I have no idea where I intended to go with this. Or where I got to either.

    1. hearthie Post author

      I’m no better than you are! And my house is only functionally clean, not super clean the way E’s house is! But we have more pets. 😉 If that’s a struggle, I recommend Flylady.

      I spent most of my weekend playing a beta MMORPG with my husband, which is geeky – but definitely NOT on the list of things that “perfect Christian housewives” do.

      And now *you*, have decided me on spending a bit of time weeding my front yard. Thank you? -lol-

      1. elleberra

        Gah. That reminded me that my trellis out front needs to be weeded around and mulched…before the grass gets to growing too much. I keep forgetting that..possibly on purpose.

        I did check out flylady. I’m working on that. I figure another 20 years or so and I’ll have it down :p

  5. Elspeth


    My house is like Hearth’s, functionally clean. Because we have three young adult women in the house doing a lot of the daily cleaning I have more opportunities to focus on bigger cleaning projects, but as a general rule, my house is hygienic, but not spotless.

    My my backyard flower beds along the fence are in desperate, desperate need of weeding. I should be doing that instead of doing this. But here I am. So much for the perfect housewife.,

    1. hearthie Post author

      I have … four cats, one dog, a 9yo, a 13yo, and a husband … and NONE of us are tidy or neat. :p The husband and I are also creative workers with a tendency to drip tools and supplies behind us. “Why is there a screwdriver in the kitchen?” “Why is there a pincushion in the bedroom?” And just don’t even think about our respective creative spaces. Don’t. You don’t want to.

      1. Elspeth

        My creative husband leaves his stuff around different places as well. I totally get where you’re coming from. Screwdriver in the kitchen? Check.

        Stray piece of wood in the bedroom (with pencil sketched on it)? check.

        He’s the idea guy. I’m the assistant/clean up crew.

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