Forever Things and Temporary Things: A day in the life

Normal people would write the post about temporary things and forever things *before* the post giving examples, but no one has ever accused me of normalcy.  Anyway I want to write this down before it runs out of my ears.

A day in the life of me…. 

It’s a Sunday, and we hit Saturday night church, so Sunday morning is a morning where I get up, do my devotions and pray, put the breakfast meat on to thaw, goof off on the computer for a while, then crawl back in bed with my husband for an hour or so.  A little eternal, more temporal, all good stuff.  

Breakfast (brunch?), tidy up the kitchen, rustle the laundry, zone out online for a while.  Help son put together his presentation for tomorrow’s history day.  Stare at my husband while he moves bricks.  Tots temporal.

Determine that DH doesn’t want to hit BFF’s husband’s bday party (who is his friend too).  Make him some tea so he doesn’t dehydrate, rustle the kids, get dressed, head out.  Social duty – eternal.  Loving on husband with tea – eternal.  Figuring out what to wear – temporal.

Normal chat… and then clicked with a lady who’s going through some stuff that closely matches some of the worst I’ve ever been through.  Walk her ’round the block, chat and let her vent out.  Witness.  Eternal, all the way.  Obvy why going to this party was never a “maybe” in my book, when I always knew DH wasn’t totally down.  (And maybe why he didn’t go, ’cause I tend to just stare at him at parties).  

Came home, made dinner – temporal.  Going to set up the week… that’s temporal too.

It’s not like that every moment can be lived working on eternal stuff.  But you can live your life so that you make room for eternally important things.  And then take advantage when they come ’round.

Anyway.  That was my day and it was interesting.  And, um… I guess I’ll make the point I’m illustrating in a day or so.  Not tonight, I have prepwork to do for my kids homeschool until about bedtime.  :p


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